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  1. I have a few issues with him hating Rand, but the biggest issue with it is, why didn't he do anything about it? If he truly believe Rand had murdered him mom and maybe his sister and taken his home country which he has been trained his whole life to protect. Why didn't he go to Andor and raise an army to try and take it back? Instead he sits around playing the lackey for Elaida and does nothng. I know he promises Egwene he wouldn't touch Rand, but there was time for him to leave before they met up to make that promise in the first place.
  2. Gawyn is probably the biggest wasted character in teh series. After showing a lot of potential in the earlier books, as Randlander123 points out so well, he makes nothing bad decisions for almost the rest of the entire series. I often wonder if there were originally bigger plans for the character, but his plotlines were removed cause there were just many storylines already.
  3. Wow, that this book was being planned, is actually very heartbreaking to me. I always thought Tam's journey from being a Two River's shepard to becoming Second In command of the Armies of Illian was facinating and would be a awesome tale to read.
  4. I've always been partial to Elayne, her description in book one was probably the most detail of anyone in the series. The picture of her in my mind that first appeared has never been matched by anyone.
  5. This is something i really apperciate even more now, that i've read a lot more books, then when i first read the series. You know what happens but it leaves the details to your imagination, which I think works very well.
  6. I would guess that Ishmael being partial sealed is not always what happens. When he talks about how he and LTT have found countless times and even been on the same side sometimes, so i'm guessing that each time is different though the results are the same it seems.
  7. The whole series has to do with fate and destiny. I've always put these strange out of the no where romances to the will of the Pattern.
  8. I totally understand the emptiness you feel now that its over. I started readin the WoT when book 7 had just come out. I spent almost half my life waiting for the next book to comeout. Not having one i'm waiting to read next is a feeling i'm still not quite use too. Though i guess i am waiting on the Encyclopedia but that isn't really the same. I think your right about teh very end being a let down. Though i think its the best we could hope for given the situation with RJ dying. I'm personally happy it got finished at all, which i was afraid for along time wouldn't happen. As for Egwene's death, I've been unable to reread AMoL because she died. Egwene was the character who seemed to change the most from book to book. In one book, I would love her, and in the next book i would hate her. At the end i didn't like her very much, but her death has pretty much kept me from really being able to reread the book. Its probably the most a death of any character has effected me in anything i read. I'm currently rereading the series so by the time i get there i should be ready to go through it again. The emptiness will pass though and you'll accept that its really done. Then your reread it
  9. But it's not killing with the OP that is against the Oath, it's using it as a weapon. If someone is executed by hanging, the noose was not a weapon. If someone was undergoing surgery and died on the operating table, the surgical tools were not weapons. Gentling might result in death, eventually, and usually, but it's still not a weapon. Your abosolutely right, in my head i always think its not to kill with the one power, instead its not to use as a weapon. Which is a huge difference and leaves a lot more to interpetation.
  10. I sometimes wonder about the oaths myself. Like its pretty much understood that cutting off someone from teh power is a death sentence as that person no longer desires to live. So by gentlng men aren't they basically killing them using the One Power? It could be that the danger a insane male channler poses could be seen as a danger to the life of every one around him, so just by being in his presence they can use the power as a weapon.
  11. How on earth did that happen?! You must have really skipped out a lot of things! You will definitely enjoy re-reading I think. I'd advise taking it a lot slower this time, there is so much in the little details to appreciate. I don't know...one of the disadvantages of reading so quickly. I know this sounds weird, but I don't know how to read slowly XD I was the same way first time i read the series, i skipped parts of characters i didn't carefor in order to read the parts a characters i liked. But when rereading i suggest you make sure not to skip anything this time. There are so many awesome details and little things that you miss in the series if you skip parts.
  12. magatsu17


    Thanks for the advice, and yes Jordan-con was definitely a blast, thus why i'm here.
  13. My list 1. The Shadow Rising 2. Lord of Chaos 3. Fires of Heaven 4. The Great Hunt 5. The Dragon Reborn 6. Towers of Midnight 7. The Eye of the World 8. A Memory of Light 9. The Gathering Storm 10. Crown of Swords 11. Knight of Dreams 12. Winter's Heart 13. Cross Roads of Twilight 14. Path of Daggers Books 4,5, and 6 are with out a doubt the best fantasy i've ever read any where.
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    I just wanted to say hi, I'm a long time huge fan of the Wheel of Time and fantasy in general. I started reading the series about 17 or so years ago when Crown of Swords had just come out. I was a member of the websites Wotism,org and Wotism.net before both websites died and had pretty much stopped participating in the online fandom. But, a couple weeks ago I attended Jordan-con with some friends who are members here, and met a few other members and they all seemed really cool. Plus just being at a conventions focused on the series has reignited my passion for the series. So here I am.
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