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  1. And now Southern Germany is getting snow, just when I'm supposed to go there in a car... :(
  2. Good morning, and welcome. :D Yah, I have to admit that that little bit about Semirhage and Anath was also a shock to me, but I think I got it from the 4th age podcast.
  3. Yah, that's way too cold for me. :? I don't see how people survived there before modern days... Is it a mild winter this year up north? Because over here, we didn't have any snow yet. Very mild winter here.
  4. Yah, but how cold does it get already? Isn't too cold for outdoor activities? (I don't like the cold too much. I never saw snow until I went to New York when I was 10. In Florida, it might go down to about 6° or 7° for a few days in the winter, but that's it.) Anyways, seeing the world is really cool. :P
  5. yah, I know what you mean. I'm from Miami, and the weather was always perfect when I was growing up, besides for an occasional hurricane :? I would like to move back but I love traveling too much. What do you do during the winter? Stay inside the whole time? How long is the day in the middle of the winter already? I'm guessing two or three hours? It's really weird, but I guess that's life! :)
  6. Well yah. I know about the darkness and stuff like that. I was in Scotland a few years ago during the summer, and it was light the whole time, which is really strange. :shock: Do you like Sweden? Or would you want to move away eventually? Lots of Europeans move around, so I'm just curious. My parents did that.
  7. yah, Norway is on the same list as Sweden. :? I would really love to go, but I am dependent on how much cash my parents fork over. If I have enough money, I'd go in the summer, when it's really nice. Are you, like, Swedish for a bunch of generations? Or just living there? Either way, what's Sweden like? I knew a couple guys years ago from Sweden, and they were really cool.
  8. No, I wish I could... But I think that I might have to skip it (I hope not), but I was told that everything is really really expensive there.
  9. Actually, I'm about to make my first trip to Munich in a few days, but the beer is available in all of Germany. And I travel to Germany whenever I have time off. Germany is a really cool place to be. Alot of people found that out during the World Cup. They have the amazing sausages, and the best beer ever.. I really love traveling around Europe! :P
  10. Thanks MsDanya! :) This is what we drink in this area of the world, best stuff ever... *hands MsDanya and 12th_Regiment a Bavarian Weißbier*
  11. Thanks, for the info and the drinks! :D *takes the three drinks, downs them, and feels a light buzz* :lol: Thanks!
  12. Well, I looked up Bandy on wikipedia, and it told me that it was very similar to ice hockey. :?: Now I am really confused... maybe it's a food... or most probably an inside joke :(
  13. Does anyone know if there is a thread where fans throw around their ideas what RJ will do with the Black Ajah search in the WT in book 12? (I don't know if I should post ideas here, because of spoiler warnings?) (I'm a bit confused about when exactly it's okay to go off on a rant...) :(
  14. I'm sorry Corki... :oops: But what on earth is a bandy? :?:
  15. Good point. You know, if the Aes Sedai would be considered Black Ajah because of personal corruption or just being really bad people, I think half the tower would be BA. But in RJ's books, evil has to swear to the Dark One first, so that's a big save for the majority of Aes Sedai. But if we would make them accountable for their actions... I wouldn't think any of the Aes Sedai could be considered that they walk in the Light.
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