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    Fantasy Epics, the written word and the beautiful game!!

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  1. Yo my indian Peeps and WOT not :P (Pun Intended) Lets Plan a meetup and Xthrax.. Pay attention my friend Pay attention :P I am from Delhi.. I know Panchi is from Around Delhi :P Where are you two from??!!
  2. Xthrax: thanks a lot mate, My favs are Lan, Perrin and Loial. Yep, there are more Indians, do connect to Pralaya and Panchi. I have completed the entire series :) And applied to be a warder!!
  3. Hey, jak o the shadows : Thank you :) As of now i have reached The Warders, Wolfkin, Aiel next up is the Band only!! As for your sister, Yup I have ridden an elephant, infact i rode my first elephant when i was a wee 2 year old. She will love the experience since these pachyderms are very gentle , very mild mannered and absolutely funny when it comes to joking around (If she ever does come down here, ask her to help give the elephant a bath, then she will be able to see their funny side). The ride itself is like sitting atop a moving mountain which rumbles, grumbles and plods on. I will be absolutely glad to help whenever she comes down here.
  4. Yo Pralaya : Yup I noticed , Also, the name reminds me of Tai'mon Gaidon. :D
  5. Ryrin: I will look out for you too :) Ash Man: Thank you for the welcome my friend :D
  6. Hahahah hey Pankhuri, It was good to see an Indian here :) and yes I do like crazy :D I will check out wolfkin and also the Warders Social Group as well as the White tower :) And I hope this is going to be a great experience!!
  7. Hello Everyone!! I just finished the entire series and what a Journey it has been. Lan is and will always be my favourite though I Identify with the Wolfbrother too!! Great to be here
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