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  1. Haha thanks everyone, you guys seem to have a great community here. Looking forward to being a part of it.
  2. Thank you all for the latest posts. These have been much more helpful. I'm now considering picking up the first "box set" with the first 3 in the series now. And making my decision from there. Problem is I have a small back log : / so it might be a month or so before I get started.
  3. I understand you are all fans of WoT, that is WHY I came here. I was looking for opinions of those who enjoy the series and was hoping the questions in my original post would be answer. Based on what I listed of what I enjoy in a book, would WoT scratch that itch? It seems no at this point....
  4. Just wanted to say hi! Haven't decided if I'm going to read the series or not yet.
  5. No I have not. Thanks for the feed back everyone so far, based on the fact no one with answer my questions, I think I will have to pass on this series...seems the rumors are true and the story is average at best.
  6. Alright so I am currently reading the series Song of Fire and Ice and love the world building and character development. I'm not going to be a fool and ask if the WoT series is similar to Martin's series because I know they are not. However, I come to you looking for an honest opinion. Should I start this series? I am not familiar with anything that regarding the WoT series. My concern is I need a series that leaves me thinking about it when I'm not reading. I need violence and other adult themes to keep my interest. I need main and important characters to die unexpectedly. From the littl
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