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  1. As Suttree is trying to state, they want to stay away from "Jesus Rand" but by my concept, which is basically what MB stated, if he has the ability to utilize and manipulate his Taveren nature, he in essence could be considered a god. While lighting a pipe is minor, the fact that he had the ability to effect the world around him to create a trickle of flame where it did not exist says he can change anything he wishes, thus falling into the category of Jesus Rand. Even Brandon Sanderson stated he did not understand the meaning of the pipe lighting and put it in as it was RJ's last chapter th
  2. I have another theory. When Nynaeve discovered a "broken link" in Logain and "healed" it, restoring his power, it made me ponder another concept. What if EVERYONE has the ability to channel locked within themselves and merely needs that "broken link" mended. In Logain, he was born with that link already made, but what's to say Nynaeve couldn't find a normal every day person and delve that person and find the same link that merely needs to be connected? After all, Saidin and Saidar are both a form of living energy that is in everything. Could it truly be in everyone in the form of a channe
  3. If you haven't finished reading the book series, probably not a good idea reading this... So you are warned. I finished reading this long ago, and came up with a theory instantly, but I was baffled to find others didn't think in that same manner, so I figured I'd share my concepts. I believe that Rand was able to light the pipe while no longer having access to saidin because he no longer needed it. His entire life he was the most powerful ta'veren ever to have walked the earth. Towards the end, it started to become clear that unlike most ta'veren who have no direct control over how
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