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  1. He saw her kicking major booty. Mat's foxhead would have cooled if there was channeling that near him.
  2. So long as they're not smoothing their skirts, they can be dressed however they like. Entirely too much skirt smoothing going on. I don't see it as sexual either. So far as the punishments go, it's not just that bare bottoms smack better; shame is far more punishing than a beating. In all honesty, if any movies are ever made, I hope they tone down on it some. Seems it might be a bit too distracting to have Berelain nearly spilling her cash & prizes every time she bows.
  3. The only true comparison I can recall was in LoC, Rand popped over to check on the forces in the Plains of Moredo and there was some talk of Weiramon's mounted scouts taking 3-4 days longer to return than the Aiel scouts. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean they're faster than horses, per se, but a matter of days in the lead is a pretty solid indication that what they may lack in speed they more than make up in stamina.
  4. Voted Rand. Shielded from the Power, after arising from being folded into a chest for a day or so, he still managed to kill one Warder with his bare hands and fatally wound another in the instant before the host of AS with him could wrap him in Air. I hadn't truly accounted for his basic physical prowess until that bit. It also answered for me Bashere's earlier question of "Why?".
  5. in TSR, thousands of Trollocs are screaming "Isam!"; Verin just studies them for a moment, says "Interesting" and continues on her way.
  6. Just tossing my name in the bag. :) So... uh... hi!
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