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  1. Did someone say Chocolate Cake?! Welcome Rhoswyn! Have fun exploring the boards... there is a lot to see, and a lot of cake, if you know where to look :lol:
  2. Why do I feel a sense of foreboding at that last comment? :lol: Everyone is so beautiful! All of you guys look great!
  3. Oh, blueberry treats AND cookies! *Starts mixing brownie batter* I think I forgot to mention in my intro that I have the best mentor ever, Narina. :D
  4. Thank you all for the welcome, and most especially for the cookies! *grabs two*
  5. Hello all! I'm very new to the tower, and am still trying to find my way around, so please excuse me if I make a mistake or two... or five. I'm not entirely sure what to say here, so here goes: I began reading the WoT series when my fiance gave me TEotW as a gift. Within a few months I had read the entire series so far. As of last month, my oldest son has started reading the Young Adult version of the series. And now I'm out of things to type, so I'm going to sneak off into a corner...
  6. Hooray, I'm mentored! Pleased to meet you, Narina Sedai. :)
  7. The Seanchan Org has a WoW thread going... you might find that pretty interesting, since you mentioned you like to game.
  8. Hello and welcome! Have fun exploring the boards. Drop by the Seanchan Org... they have cake.
  9. Hiya, and welcome. I'm new too... stop by the Seanchan Org and we'll be new together :lol:
  10. Thanks again for the welcome! How could I not join the Seanchan? They offer cake. Plus I think they do mean things to you if you tell the Emporer no. The rumor is they make you watch Casper Van Dien movies until you lose your mind. *shudder* But really, I watch WAY more movies and telly than is healthy, and the Seanchan Org seems like a natural choice. I get to discuss shows and movies I love, and rant about ones I hate... Add in the cake, and you have perfection!
  11. I thought everyone tried to get the bit with the most frosting... you mean there are only two of us?! I have a friend at a local bakery that brings me a cake every year on my birthday. This year he just brought me a decorating tube full of frosting with a bow on it. All the sugar, none of the sticky fingers. Happiness is a large tube of frosting, and a big stick to keep other people away from it. :twisted:
  12. Ingenuity... I call it a weakness for frosting, but your way sounds much better! :lol: I have indeed finished all of the books, and am anxiously awaiting to devour the last... my wheelbarrow is empty and ready. An Asmo poll! I'll definately cast a vote, though in my house Asmo arguments usually end up with at least one broken dish.
  13. Luckily I carry a small container of frosting in my belt pouch at all times, so I think we can fix that lovely cake... And now I'm off to receive my lovely welcome. :) Oh, and thank you for the welcome, Reana!
  14. Hmmm.... I actually joined the Seanchan as well, but if I'm not needed there.... :lol: Kidding, of course. *snatches a handfull of cake and runs to a corner to eat it*
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