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  1. Not the same soul, an equivalent soul. Saidin is the same as saidar except its completely separate. Same idea. And might I say I havent read every post on this thread (i have read many tho) but good lord suttree I gotta say; I may not agree with you on every point, but I certainly admire your devotion to debate. It takes a burning passion to hold online debates, especially with different people through time on a single thread. Man I love TWOT! Can't wait for more content from BS.
  2. Ok this is just a theory I came up with while eating a burrito (not related just a little food for thought), please feel free to break it down. This follows a bit with the idea nakomi is rand from another time. So the sealing of the prison in the age before legends (age of myth maybe?) perhaps the dragon of that age had her consciousness transferred to nakomi, just as rand into moridin. That dragon knew the bore would be remade and the shadow would fall heavy upon the pattern again. So she (nakomi/the dragon) began the aiel as peaceful servants, setting them up to be in a position to become the spear of the dragon. When the bore opened she led the aiel away, then subsequently began the Jenn, who wondered the desert waiting for the dragon to be reborn. With rands victory nakomi could finally rest, leaving the mantle of the dragon to be carried by rand until the next cycle. Perhaps? Here is my reasoning. 1. The miraculous coal heat, and food made for aviendha. 2. Her concern for the future of the people she made a spear, just like rand, she saw them as tools at first, but as a peoples in the end. 3. She tells rand as he comes out of SG "You did so well." Or something to that effect, a thanks and final parting as she joins the lace of the age again. 4. The book is of the wheel, the wheel is balance, only one dragon is not balance, it would call for the cycle of two dragons, a male, and a female, to contrast the true power, one being fully realized dragon, one preparing to don the true mantle of the dragon, an eon of waiting for the cycle to repeat anew. Just like saidar and saidin, one is tainted, one is whole. 5. I think that is all my evidence but I may come up with more later
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