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  1. Long time lurker and first time poster here. WoT has been a constant part of my life and influential in the way I perceive the world, I use the Flame and the Void technique during meditation and lucid dreaming experiences and often become enveloped in WoT lore. I've always loved the beauty of flafro's sleeve dedicated to Mat and know that as I continue to cover myself in ink I'll be incorporating WoT into it. Pminze, NicholasFallon, Windstrider, lummy, msd05d, Plazmuh, Vardarmus, Bandenjamin, thisiscooling, Grond, Zmann966, Rahburt Leioh, Rand alSaurus, and Arkadious's tattoos are some of my favourites. I've always felt that tattoos can be one way for people to express and remind themselves about what they are passionate about. Because of that, since day one of me adding ink onto my skin I've had WoT imagery in mind. I've had two chapter symbols on my right forearm which is 'evil' themed for a decade now and the snake and wheel on my neck for almost a year.
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