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  1. Come on, could you point me a man who has no hard-on when he is sleeping with a beautiful teen? OK, A. was behind a cold blooded warrior and nothing happened. It is just not like lifelike. WH: I think it's very scary.
  2. I don't remember that part at all... Maybe it's time for another re-read soon! NS came out in 2004, so Jordan "had to write" stronger books, you know, to keep up with the so fashionable "everyone is gray/everyone will be raped" theme.
  3. His world is gender-balanced, so why do they need prostitution?
  4. Who was on top? I think that's very scary. Plus the sweat tents! Was Avi totally naked among many men? (She was then what, 16-17 years old?) I remember someone seeing Sevanna's breasts (from Sevanna's pov) and the man was almost hypnotized! Scary, very scary situations.
  5. I like B. (I don't know why, her role is so small, what a pity, Perrin is just a plaything to her but I think she's in love with Rand, see LoC) but this "confession" always bothered me. The other two were politics. We know that the very concept of prostitution is totally unknown in Randland (or not?), so I really don't understand this sentence. Or did she just say, "Don't worry, I'm not a virgin"? (Riding - No, you cannot. Your virginity is lost the first time that you have sexual intercourse for both sexes, and for females, not when the hymen is broken.)
  6. That's a very good cover. The others... But what is it? The artist's favourite film is The Mummy (1999). I see Rand (?, he very tired), four other people without heads.
  7. We need Australia in the future/past.
  8. That's a very good cover. The others...
  9. 90% of the readers' opinion like this: give me Faile and Gawyn, I will kill them instantly! Personally, I will never understand why Jordan kept them alive.
  10. This. The books are still popular and with a new cover, a new set, a new font I would be the first in the line to buy them. oh, I didn't saw that "trade paperbacks". They are too big. Like the hardcovers. I prefer the simple paperbacks.
  11. I. Look around! Every "your fav book/best book in the series"-thread looks like this: The first six books are in the first six positions. Usually: The Fires of Heaven (- The Shadow Rising) is number 1 (- 2). II. The whole first half (Eye Of The World - Lord Of Chaos) feels like a complete story. After Lord Of Chaos there are many unnecessary characters, plotline, and when one closes a book like this: uh, nothing happened (it could have been told in 150 pages instead of 700-800 pages) , well, that's not a good sign. III.Sanderson's abilities are far below Jordan's. That's why
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