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  1. Well I finally finished it. It took me a good eight months, but I read the entire series, beginning to end. Will try and express my thoughts once I've had a chance to organize them. At the moment, though, I'm just drained. Whew! What a ride!
  2. Also: Holy crap, are the characters dropping like flies now!...including some I'll admit I didn't expect. The deaths are as heart-wrenching and gut-twisting as I'd feared they would be. Kudos, though, to Sanderson/Jordan for being willing to kill off major characters like that. A battle where only secondary characters die feels...less meaningful.
  3. Am currently reading the chapter "The Last Battle" in AMOL. At the moment, all I can say is this: Olver, you brave, foolish boy! For me, that may be both the most heartwarming and awesome moment in the book so far. I literally cheered while simultaneously tearing up...
  4. Yeah, "horrifying" is the word, all right. It's a week later, and I *still* can't believe that happened! I've since read the chapter "A Force of Light", and that almost seems anticlimactic in comparison. Almost.
  5. Update: So I've broken into the Sanderson books at last. I'm now just about halfway through The Gathering Storm...and pardon my Klingon, but holy fucking shit!! I've just finished reading the chapters "The Last That Could Be Done" and "A Warp in the Air". Since I don't want to spoil anything for those who've not read that far into the series yet, let's just say I'm pretty much in shock at the moment. I'm having a hard time believing that just happened -- all of it. I'm going to huddle up in a corner now...
  6. I'd never really considered those factors before, but I think you two have hit the nail on the head. I daresay it was indeed the increasingly lengthy waits between releases, combined with the middle/later books being increasingly slower-paced, and then combined with there seeming to be no end in sight at the time that made CoS, PoD, WH, and CoT so difficult to get through back then. (KoD really ramped the pace back up; it was almost as if you could feel Jordan's urgency to try and finish things before he passed away.) Knowing now that there's an end to the series -- and that the pace picks up dramatically with Knife of Dreams -- probably made it a lot easier for me to get through books 7-10 this time around.
  7. Well I finished Crossroads of Twilight this morning, which means "The Slog" (books 7-10) is behind me at last. You know what, though? It wasn't bad at all. In fact, I every much enjoyed them -- as much as the rest of the series. I remembered those four books as being so difficult to get through, mostly because of how much slower-paced they were compared to the rest of the series -- a sentiment shared by quite a few people I know who've read the WoT novels -- to the point that I was honestly feeling more than a little dread at the prospect of rereading Crown of Swords. Happily, though, I encountered very few difficulties this time around. I'm not sure why that's so, but I'm obviously not about to complain either way. :) Admittedly, the four books do still drag in spots -- the scene where Elayne & Nyneave apologize to a hung-over Mat in Ebou Dar remains as painful as ever (I pretty much skipped over it entirely this time), I continue to clench my fists in frustration at Perrin & co. floundering around after Faile gets kidnapped, and CoT in general does bog down a bit (though not horribly so) -- but I found that, happily, these were the exceptions to the rule. By and large, my return trip through CoS, PoD, WH, and CoT was a pleasant surprise.
  8. You read the entire series in only a month and a half?? Holy crap. Well I've not finished yet -- I just completed reading Crossroads of Twilight this morning -- but at my current rate, it will take me around 7 months to read all 15 novels (including New Spring). I only average maybe two hours of reading a day (which is way down from what I used to be able to do ), so it generally takes me a while to get through a book, especially ones this size.
  9. So I'm finally reading all 15 books (including New Spring) for the first time -- previously, I'd only read up through Knife of Dreams -- and having just fiinshed Crossroads of Twilight this morning, it ocurred to me to wonder: By the time the events in A Memory of Light have concluded, exactly how long will it have been since the folks from Emonds Field left home? I'm quite certain it has to have been at least a few years by the time all is said and done, but beyond that I'm unsure. Has anyone figured this out to any degree of specificity? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! (I've not read any of the Sanderson books yet.)
  10. Um, if we could avoid spoilers from the Sanderson novels in this particular thread, I'd appreciate it. As I mentioned in the OP, I've only read the series up through KoD so far.
  11. Update: I've now begun Winter's Heart, and have just finished reading the part where Elayne and Aviendha become first-sisters. I have to say that, while I'd vaguely recalled it being a touching scene, I'd forgotten just how true that was. I actually had a lump in my throat by the time I was done rereading it. Very well-written.
  12. If I was living prior to the events in the Wheel of Time books, I'd pick either Andor (which includes the Two Rivers) or Tar Valon, no question. I could maybe see wanting to be a Borderlander, but I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else.
  13. Oh yeah, just finished The Shadow Rising yesterday, btw. I'd forgotten just how hilarious Elayne's drunk scene was! Also, Gaul's comment on women (in response to Perrin's inqury into whether he enjoyed playing Maiden's Kiss with Bain and Chiad) cracks me up every single time I read it. Other observations: The first couple times I read the series, I didn't really/fully understand how/why Perrin ellicited the reponse he did from the Two Rivers folks when he stirred them up to fight back against the Trollocs, specifically with them beginning to treat him like a lord. After all this time, I think I finally get it. Egwene is a little more pushy (and perhaps slightly more of a jerk at times) than I'd first realized. I still like her character, though. I think I like Elayne even more now than when I first began reading this series. Yes, she can be haughty/arrogant (and at the wrong times), and in general, she can exhibit an odd lack of commen sense on occasion. But overall, she's got a good head on her shoulders (with an especial talent for statecraft & diplomacy), a good heart, and as I believe Birgitte has noted, she has the courage of a lion. Oh yes, and Thom rules. :)
  14. Thanks Nynaeve (or do you prefer Nyn?), that's good to know. The social groups do look/sound interesting, and I dislike the thought of staying away from them for however long it takes me to re-read the series (months, I'm sure) solely because I wish to avoid spoilers. (And yes, I've already almost stumbled upon a couple spoilers in the general discussion section, ironically enough...) Of course, I'm still getting my feet wet here (there's an Aiel joke to be made there, I can feel it) and am in no rush to join a social group yet in any case, but it's reassuring to know I needn't constrain myself for that reason.
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