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  1. You know I could never get into ASoIaF. I read the first book and about half of the second. I honestly cannot tell you why I did not like it, I think it had something to do with the main characters being young/teenagers. Which I have no idea why that bugs me it just does. I think I might pick it up and try it again, maybe I have matured a bit in my reading to not let it bother me now. I agree that it is the best thing they have written. I have read most of the Dragonlance books and most of their other series, including the one Hickman is writing with his wife. Also just
  2. Honestly the first 5 or so books are well worth it but by the lastest books I feel that I am getting preached at more than reading a book. Just a little to much of what sounds like Goodkind's own views on morality in it. Which I understand will generally bleed through in to a book someone is writing no matter what but it just seems like that is all the books have become about. Anyway my recommendation for a good series is the Death Gate Cycle by Weis and Hickman. Still the only fantasy series I have re-read several times. Also the Dresden Files series is really good. Up to 8 bo
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