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  1. I think the Seanchan are abominable. They are by far the worst culture in Rand world. They practice the vilest forms of slavery for both damane and dacovale, employing murder, torture and mutilation. Sure, a miniscule number of slaves rise to considerable power but that is entirely dependent on their patron/owner and can be withdrawn at any time for any or no reason. They have a secret police empowered to torture and kill anyone at will excepting immediate members of the royal family and even they are subject to arrest on the word of the lowliest secret policeman. The Blood and even apparently
  2. The most admirable woman to me is Verin. She has her quota of AS arrogance but it's the lowest by far. Her infiltration of and exposure of the BA is epic in it's scope and dedication. Second is Moraine but only after she swears to obey Rand. Up to that point, all her pleas for him to let her guide him were really just hissy fits because he wouldn't take her orders and do as he was told. Once she realized she couldn't make him her good little puppy and gave the oath to placate him, she really did start to try to help and not control him. Even though that was very hard for her. Third was Birgitt
  3. Just angry with the womens (har) of the story:) If you don't consider them arrogant and hypocritical - what do you consider arrogant and hypocritical? Truly, I do understand the basis of the arrogance and sexism considering the 3000 years of the taint and the brush tarring even men who can't channel and women being the sole safe users of magic for the same time, giving them the ultimate hold on power and that spilling over even to non channeling women. I do get it. It's just the sheer unrelenting repetitiveness on every single womens POV in this regard gets very old. It would have been nice i
  4. Really? Serious question - are you joking? No, none of the men hate women with the exception of the mentioned riverboat captain and all the men respect (or fear) all the women whether channeler or no. Of course, this only applies to men on the side of the light - all male darkfriends seem to hate and wish to harm women - that's one easy way to identify darkfriends. But there is not a woman, light or dark, in the books that has more than a shred of respect for any man and not one who has even that shred for men in general. Name me one passage in 14 books that any women thinking about or talki
  5. It always amazes me how people talk about how Egwene grows as a character. How, exactly? She starts of as a spoiled arrogant hypocritical brat willing to tell any lie and to cheat to get what she wants while rationalizing it with a "I want to learn, I want to learn" mantra. Her only saving grace, which I would be the first to admit, is her physical courage. The only change by the end is that the AS, having gone totally insane, have made her Amyrlin with her official policy of "Do as I say, not as I do".
  6. If I can only pick one - has to be Egwene. Very close behind her are Gawyn, Fail and Perrin. My biggest regret with the conclusion was that Fail and Perrin didn't bite it, too.
  7. The one change I would make? I'd rewrite every female character so that every single one wasn't an insanely shrewish man hating harpy. I remember the first time I read the passage where Nynaeve was astounded to find the riverboat captain who sincerely didn't like women. My immediate thought was "Why does any man on this world like any woman?" given the way that every woman regards every single man - even the ones she supposedly loves - as a contemptible incompetent retard incapable of the smallest thing without direct and minute female supervision.
  8. Gawyn's chief problem was that he was a moron. Who but a moron would fall in love with Egwene? Unless of course you regard true love as being treated like a retarded servant. Of course, it probably didn't help that he'd been treated as such by everyone for his entire life despite being a prince. From the very first scene when Rand climbs the wall, he's bullied and bossed by his younger sister -who as far as they know is several decades away from being Queen - to the WT where that sister and the woman he has inexplicably fallen in love with are constantly telling him to mind his own damned bus
  9. It has been well broken down elsewhere but Cads took the only option available to her after a very careful study of Rand and the situation. Old post below: In fact we know she did a ton of research on Rand and tested his character and sanity in their first meeting. She fell on a course of action based on the results that the WOs advocated as well. Here decision on how to proceed was absolutely correct: After how he was treated by other AS there was no other course of action she could have taken. He would have been distrustful of anything else. It should
  10. No, they're not. Especially not the BDSM part - just because a few people get spanked, doesn't mean everyone is into BDSM. If a child is spanked, would you say the child is into BDSM? While they may all display a number of faults, it's simply not fair and not accurate to tar them all with the same brush like this. Yes, they are. Into S&M, that is. Every time a novice/accepted/even a sister is punished for anything it always seems to involve corporal punishment of some type, no matter what else is assigned,such as onerous chores or isolation or even exile. Admittedly they are most of th
  11. Come on, dude, one of the major criticisms of WOT is that all the female characters are variations on one uber character. If I'm so off base, take up my challenge and point me to a single POV passage where a women is thinking about men in general or a man in particular and doesn't ruminate at some point in the passage about how stupid they/he are/is? Personally, I've never been able to decide if RJ was a rabid feminist who thought all men were scum or a rabid sexist who took the empowerment of women to a ridiculous negative extreme. Point me to one female who doesn't think her husband, father,
  12. I'm probably on my dozenth relisten (Audible) of the series and realize that as much as I love the series, I'm coming to hate most of the characters - particularly the women. I expect to dislike and hate the baddies but it applies equally to the light characters. There are like five characters I don't utterly despise - Rand, Mat, Moraine, Min and Verin. Let's start with the women. How can anyone like any of them or think them "strong" as if that word excuses their appalling personal characteristics. They are all shown as arrogant, shrewish, self centered, hypocritical, petty, vain, cruel bull
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