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  1. @Avi, yes like most men, we don't know we are in a relationship until her toothbrush shows up in our bathroom! :)
  2. I didn't think of the memory transfer. I like it. Also, I wonder if his abilities are the same as channeling? Can he still cause a lightning strike, hurl fireballs? Or is it just random things like we saw?
  3. So i just finished MOL re read and i was thinking that If Rand can just think his pipe to be lit, why does he need gold, or a horse? He can just think himself somewhere or just reach into his pocket pick out gold if he needed it. Also, what is stopping him from just making himself look like he used to instead of walking around looking like Mordin? Just a though....
  4. Eventually the copyright will enter the public domain. it may not be in our lifetime but it will eventually.
  5. Well since I just moved to Texas, I have to throw them a bone... Cemetery Gates by Pantara is EPIC!!!
  6. true they aren't all that but I do like battle metal... I do like Stone Sour. Corey Taylor has one of the best voices ever. Linkin Park use to be great but are all hipster now..... I love Apopalictica and I wish they came to the states more.
  7. Chaelca, if you like Viking metal, check out Turisas... I am a huge hard rock fan but I haven't really found a band lately that impress. Bring me the Horizon is up and coming. Huge Slipknot and A7F fan but then who isn't!!!! I think Trivium was great but that are slowly declining. I saw them at download festival in England back in 05 and they were Fing awesome!
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