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  1. This is my third time making a post here, I was a member for like 6 months, but I got bored and left and then rejoined for a month and then left again. So yeah, I'm back, I don't know for how long, hopefully for a while. But yeah, I believe I was part of the Illuminators guild. I feel I'm pretty well rounded so I'm open to a lot. So hello all, again.
  2. My first fantasy series was the Shanara series by Terry Brooks. It's a great series though it runs on a bit. The first few books are the best in my opinion.
  3. Movies would not work at all, I'm sorry. For the same point a tv show wouldnt work. It would be WAY too long. They would be lucky to get half a book into a movie. A TV show would be only slightly more succesful in my opinion. Depends on how many geeks out there would watch it like me.
  4. Wow... I can't believe so many people are dissing George Martin. I, personally, enjoy his realism. As for Robb's death, he had it coming, you all know it. I, personally, think that the Viper of Dorne lost on purpose, so Clegane could have a ridicoulously painful death. Arya, I mean, shes like an eight year old (probably not right but still young) I wouldn't think about killing anyone but those who were cruel to me if I was that young. Sansa, well yes, she is stupid, but shes like thirteen or twelve or something and has lived a pampered life. She finally realized Joff isn't the prince of her dreams. Syrio isn't neccesarily dead, though he probably is. I like the realistic view of things. Rand's fight with Turak was exciting but what were the chances under the light of Turak losing to a Farmboy whos had a months education with a sword? As for the actual topic, Galad was insanely under-estimated by Valda and thats that. P.S. Stop dissing George Martin
  5. Welcome! I must suggest the Illuminators guild. You'll find some great stuff there!
  6. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/whitenerdy Another funny video. This is wierd al's "White and Nerdy" music video.
  7. Well, that one was OK. It wasn't hilarious. It was a little too serious... Sort of. i still prefer Charlie the Unicorn
  8. This is the wierdest video you will ever see. If you watch it you will get dumber by the second. If this site doesnt work, go to youtube and type in charlie the unicorn. This will be creepy and wierd.
  9. I haven't been here that long so I don't know if this question has been posed before. But here goes nothing: Do you think Robert Jordan reads this stuff and uses some ideas that some topics have posed? I mean it might sound really dumb, but, really, I wouldn't mind some of the ideas I've heard here in the book. If this question has already been posed just tell me. I just want to know what you all think.
  10. Hello everyone, I am The Blue Melon. I try my hand at writing at times and am trying to finish a new book. If you want to read what I have so far (it's not much) just let me know.
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