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  1. Insufficient evidence. IMO. Hm...we know of another instance where a particular member of the BA didn't care what her skirts dragged through. That's Verin, dragging her hem through straw, blood and human viscera while inspecting the bloody writing on the wall after gruesome attack on the keep at Fal Dara in TGH. However, I would add that I always thought it was Liandrin or Mesaana, before this conversation provided other suggestions.
  2. This, pretty much exactly, except for Cadsuane (CAD-su-ain) and Egwene (EGGwain). Other of my pronunciations: Semirhage: SEH-ME-raj (viz, British Raj) Asmodean: AzMO-dee-on Nynaeve: nih-nave (originally), ny-nay-ev (now on re-read) Al'mandragoran: Al mandra goran, though the ToM audiobook says al MANDRAGORan Faile: Fail Berelain: Berreh-lain Egeanin: Edgy-ann-in.
  3. I just finished AMoL and I am a bit confused. How was Birgitte able to be reborn as a Hero of the Horn when she was ripped out of TAR by Moghedian? Or are those two events not connected? I assumed that when she was ripped from the Pattern via being forcibly ejected from TAR, she would not be reborn and thus would no longer be a Hero. Was her murder a trigger that enabled her to be reborn? Thanks for your input.
  4. Not my favorite but the first that made me chuckle out loud was Romanda Sedai reading, essentially, a Harlequin Romance novel (The Flame, the Blade and the Heart) in her tent in Knife of Dreams.
  5. 12 years. I started reading when I was about 14, but stopped around "Fires of Heaven," I believe. I picked it back up again this winter after I moved and worked through EotW until AMoL in four or five months.
  6. You bring up good points, Master Ablar. I didn't quite appreciate the depth of her transformation while he, in essence, remained the same. She gained immense wisdom and experience while he didn't (or gained wisdom and experience that wasn't helpful in this situation). So, In his role as a man who loves Egwene, I can feel bad for him. But I feel there's an important difference here - a man who wants to protect his beloved can be excused for disregarding her orders; a Warder or intended Warder cannot, because giving into fear like that and insubordination might get them both killed. I understand
  7. I just finished Towers of Midnight, and I just cannot get over how much of a stereotypical "Nice Guy" Gawyn is. I'm not talking about being a genuinely good man with pursuits of his own, healthy appreciation of the range of male and female relationships, etc. I mean this in the negative, one-dimensional definition of a singularly woman-obsessed guy who's just been SO NICE and SO DEDICATED and becomes confused, angry and resentful about why his persistent NICENESS hasn't been rewarded with a relationship or sex or in this case, Wardership. After all, he's just been so nice, he deserves to be co
  8. [[i've only read through The Gathering Storm, no spoilers please]] . . . . . . . I was gobsmacked by how *quickly* Semirhage gave into Cadsuane's spanking. I understand that the Forsaken are, above all, selfish and power-hungry people...and that the seat of Semirhage's power is her own ego. But seriously, compared to how long Galina Casban held out being tortured by the Shaido, I was actually pretty disgusted by her behavior. I could have sworn RJ/BS was pulling a fast one by invisibly swapping Moghi for Semi in that scene.
  9. Hi you guys! I'm in the final stretch of my first read of WOT - just finished "The Gathering Storm" last night. ...this has been the longest relationship of my life!....about 12 years to finish the series. I've been lurking here for a few months and would follow the structured conversations after I finished each book. Hopefully I can contribute constructively now. Take care!
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