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  1. Wasn't it in the works between Elaida and Alviarin for a little while? Seems funny that Mesaana would have nothing to do with it... She certainly did bring in men to fight under the guise of stone masons, so it was probably planned, like somebody said, to sow chaos and make things worse. I don't know if there is a direct link between Alviarin and Mesaana at this point in time, but it seems Mesaana at least knew what was going on.
  2. Personally I think RJ is a great story-teller and world builder. He's a good writer, there's no doubt, but he's not a great novelist like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky(but then who is). After I read those authors, among others, it really opened my eyes as to how other authors relate. I like RJ, but look at his writing through a non-biased approach by taking the fan in me out of it. I absolutely love the story of WoT, but realistically know it's not an all time great piece of work of writing(I'm sure it's up there in fantasy). So my point is, I see a difference between RJ and BS, but it's not like the difference between a good author and a great author. Personally, I enjoyed tGS and ToM more than some of the RJ books, just because they were so much more to the point and so much happened. I haven't reread them yet though, so I'll be going a bit more slowly this time around.
  3. I guess it makes sense. Wise Ones wanted her to spy/teach/fall in love. She wanted to watch him for Elayne(so annoying) but knew she would fall in love or loved him then, but she had a task from the Wise Ones to sleep/love/bind him to them as well. Using someone like that(the Wise Ones using Avi) just seems like a really mean/manipulative thing to do. At least it makes sense now. Just don't get me started on how easily characters fall in love in this series.
  4. That's true, probably contributed to her bad attitude. Makes her seem like even more of an idiot.
  5. The problem I see Luckers, is that they imply that Aviendha was supposed to know what she was doing. Unless they had a talk with Avi telling her that she was going to fall in love with him, and that that was why they were going to be putting her with him, that's really the only way it makes sense. Now that I think of it though, the must have told her and she was just fighting it? The whole thing doesn't seem to gel for me. I mean, if she was meant to teach/spy that's fine(although that goes against Aiel ways, but Wise Ones are above everything anyway in their minds), but then they saw Rand's dreams, so told Avi she was going to fall in love with him, and then made her sleep beside him, in his room, etc. to force the issue... I guess it's partly Avi's fault for not being adult about it and realizes that she loves the guy and stop hating him, but because of the promise to Elayne... ugh. Not a fan of that whole sequence, the more I think about it.
  6. I don't believe there are near 10 million people in Andor alone.
  7. No way are there millions living in the cities.
  8. You're certainly wrong. The dream ter'angreal works on non-channellers. A Stilled Siuan uses it just fine. I was under the impression ter'angreal had nothing to do with channelling. Also, throw in the glass ter'angreal Wise Ones use. Many aren't channellers and it works on them. Doorframes to the A and E... Surprised you'd ask if we've seen ter'angreal used on non channellers.
  9. My previous guess wasn't that bad then. When you say "tens" I have a hard time picturing more than 20, frankly I don't think its even that. If the above claim about TV and capitals is true, it should be closer to 10 or maybe even less. Look at the number of nations and how few "big" cities there are in addition to the capitals. Most capitals are likely to be smaller than Caemlyn but say 300,000 each and there is 500,000 (TV) + 13*300,000) = 4.4 million (this should be exaggerated enough to include independent regions/cities like Falme, Two Rivers etc). Add Mayene and Far Madding at 300,000 each (doubtfully) and we are at 5 million. If the population in nations outside the capitals match the capitals we are at 8.9 million. If the population outside capitals is twice the capitals we are at 12.8 million. I can't in any way vouch for what I just wrote (its way too rough and sloppy) but given the claim i based it on I'm already exaggerating a lot (assuming every capital is the same population as Caemlyn which they are clearly not). In short, I don't think the 500k + 300k claim can support a population above 15 million no matter how you count, in fact it indicates an even lower population. To me this sounds about right. I took some civilization classes in University, and applying some of that knowledge to Randland, I always figured the big cities were around 250-500k, with a max population around 5 million. This leads to a pet peeve of mine regarding cultures in Randland. For the size and amount of people, there are way too many distinct cultures, in my opinion. But I'm not a cultural expert, so who knows. I suppose the known world was larger in the AoL and after the breaking a lot of the population got crammed into what is now Randland?
  10. Ok, I've read through this series I don't know how many times, especially books 1-6. I just finished Book 5 and for the life of me, cannot figure out what Aviendha's real purpose is with Rand, what the Wise Ones wanted her to accomplish. Do they want her to make him fall in love with him/sleep with him? Do they really want her to teach him the Aiel ways fully, and make him as close to Aiel as possible? Do they really want her to spy on him? Or something else? I always figured they wanted her to have him fall in love with her, if they saw it in a dream or something. I've just never really been sure, and the Wise Ones talking to her after the Docks, just before they leave for Caemlyn, just left me confused. Anyone who wants to shed some light on this, please do.
  11. Yeah, basically agree with everything here. Nicely said.
  12. Other than some Mat scenes I didn't see much of a difference. I actually liked how the plot really started moving again. As for main events that we've been waiting for forever(like ToG), I just don't think they will ever live up to what we had in our minds, thinking about them for so long, regardless of who wrote them.
  13. Ok just some thoughts. Is there a connection between strength in the OP and how much you can weave? Doing a reread, I remember Egwene in book 4 saying she could weave four(I think) weaves at the same time, and that was later in the book. Rand, I believe, in the part where he shields Elayne and Egwene weaves something like 12 at the same time, without really knowing what he is doing. The thing is, Egwene says that weaving four is more than almost anyone in the Tower can do. It's true that you really don't see all these dexterous Aes Sedia with decades and even centuries of channelling come close to Rand in the amount of different weaves he can handle at the same time. So would an angreal allow more weaving? Or not? I personally don't think there is a big advantage when it comes to being able to weave, as a channeller. Brute strength followed by experience seems to be the two biggest factors in how well a channeller fares in a fight. It's also hard to tell the strength difference between men and women. Looking at it from Randland perspective, men are probably on average stronger than men would be today, due to the greater struggle to survive and do things manually. Women, due to what seems to be a more domesticated lifestyle in Randland are probably a little stronger on average than women today, but I think this leads to a greater disparity between men and women in our world vs Randland. This leads me to believe that a man in the OP is significantly stronger than a woman if what Asmodean suggests is true. Maybe I'm reaching, but it's good to put it into perspective. I personally find the channelling strengths in the books suit the wonder girls too much for my liking. I mean, Logain is almost as strong as a book 11 Rand in pure strength, so he could easily handle a decent amount of Aes Sedai and is quite a bit stronger than Nyneave. I feel like he should have been able to break her shield if he really wanted to. And again. Egwene.Elayne are the two strongest Aes Sedai in 1000 years. Who are a lot stronger than Moiraine/Elaida, who are strong Aes Sedai in their own right. Nyneave is lower end Forsaken(female) strength so is actually quite a lot stronger than E and E, who in turn isn't really that close to Rand in strength. There's no way Moiraine with an angreal is close to a Forsaken strength. Maybe, MAYBE Egwene could be close with a strong angreal, but even then I have my doubts. Personally, I think a full strength Rand is so much stronger than a full strength Egwene, that even with an angreal Rand would win easily, and I think he could probably take on a good 10-12 Aes Sedai at Moiraines strength head on, at full strength in say book 11 or 12. Thats just me though.
  14. This always seems so confusing to me. I mean, Moiraine is pretty strong for an Aes Sedai in the first book. Compared to Egwene/Elayne in book three/four she's not nearly as strong. E and E are in turn not nearly as strong as Nyneave, who is Mog's strength, who in turn is a step or two below the stronger Forsaken. It just seems to me that Moiraine, even with a double strength angreal would not be a match for a forsaken, but I'm sure others will argue otherwise. It's just always been somewhat subjective as to OP strengths in the books. For instance, look at the healing of Mat. they have what, 8 Aes Sedai and one of the strongest sa'angreal linked. Yet is it Nyneave who says she could hold half that much of the OP? But then Aviendha gets an angreal that doubles her strength? If a weak angreal doubles Avi's strength, then a very powerful sa'angreal is probably going to allow Suian to hold many, many times more of the OP along with 8 linked women. There is no way that Nynaeve could hold half that much power. I take it all with a grain of salt myself.
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