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  1. Play WOW myself, unfortunately not on the server that you're making the guild. :(
  2. wait whats the deal with Perrin and Gawyn? Why are they fighting? Its been such a long time, since I've read the books. ???
  3. I'm guessing a book will be released. I don't think the notes will be published. Just doesn't seem very likely. Either way, it's going to be a very long time before either is done.
  4. Whatever the case, technically speaking the movie/mini-series CAN be made. BUT they won't, be logical, it's simply extremely unlikely that someone is going to devote so much time for a movie/mini-series that is going to cost on immense proportions. If for example one season is devoted per year for each book, that's 12 years! Even if the season is only for half a year that's still 6 years! Way too long... Honestly, I don't even thing grrm's aSoIaF will be made into a mini-series. Call me pessimistic, but when thinking about it logically it's not gonna happen.... ...and probably a good thing too...
  5. Wow thanks for the info. I dont think I wouldve been able to read WOT more than once, so good thing I found out now! :D Another question. Since channeling slows down aging, I'm guessing this is also true for males as well?
  6. I'm on CoT, so anything up until CoT I'm familiar with (Though ive forgotten a lot of things from the previous novels). Why is the answer given in a previous book? Thanks :D
  7. Ok this has been bugging me for some time now. Maybe its been mentioned before, so sorry if I'm repeating the question. The ageless look that Aes Sedai get, does it only affect their face? Clearly their hair turn gray, but what about the rest of their bodies? My guess is that everything stops aging otherwise half the Aes Sedai should be on crutches. But still I dont think I fully understand this agelessness of Aes Sedai. :?
  8. I started reading WOT by begining with New Spring, so for me it was a great prologue to the series and informative when I had absolutely no idea what an Aes Sedai was. When I got to The Eye of the World it was kinda cool to see how both Moiraine and Lan had changed, and I already knew a bit about them. As well, finding out that Siuan becomes the Amyrlin was also a shock. So I would definitely recommend reading New Spring since it's not too long and worth the extra information.
  9. No sorry I've never played this game before. And thanks to everyone for the help. I'll see if I can finish it ASAP.
  10. Well I'm about to start reading Crossroads of Twilight, so I was hoping for some motivation. Right now the only force driving me is to get to KoD as fast as possible. Thanks.
  11. Well I'm new to this site, but Ive been reading WOT for a while now. Im on book 9, and hoping that the last book comes out ASAP when RJ is better. BTW im from Toronto and Im a university student.
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