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  1. After reading up more about Aemon, that makes perfect sense. He has his mannerisms quite nicely.
  2. ... Wow, I can't believe I either didn't remember, or never figured that out. Either way, it makes much more sense that way.
  3. I could be completely wrong about this, I haven't read WoT since AMoL. However, I've been listening to the audiobook on Libby while at work, and I believe Mat is Jak o' the Shadows. It's probably been discussed before, and I have to head back to work so I don't have much time to list my reasons, but I remember thinking that back when I was reading it, and it just came to mind again.
  4. I could have sworn that the family had a hand in obituaries. *Shrugs* Ok, I wasn't sure of a newspaper to contact, but the New York Times will do just fine. Thanks.
  5. Hmm... I wouldn't mind one of each, actually. Though, I'd rather one that someone close to him wrote than just one that someone who barely knew him might of wrote, if that's what you mean by several.
  6. Is there a place I can write in to get a copy of his obituary? I'd love to have the obituary of such a man framed next to my grandfather's and aunt's. Even if I have to pay a newspaper for a back copy, I'd gladly.
  7. Unfortunately, it seems almost certain. He speaks of orders given only by Forsaken, he gives orders that the Forsaken just issued, he commands Grey Men and darkfriends. His every direct action has been toward attacking the Light, and the few that havn't, as Logain points out, are things that he simply could not stop. I know it seems so certain, but this is Robert Jordan we are talking about. I think we'll get a surprise towards the end.
  8. I'm still not sure that Taim IS a DF. It seems too...easy for me.
  9. At the end, Perrin will learn to slap Faile when she gets out of line. That'll save the friendship.
  10. Not sure if this has been brought up, I haven't checked this forum for a long time, but I just thought of something. Aes Sedai are bonding Asha'Man and Asha'Man are bonding Aes Sedai. What if all new Asha'Man had to bond one new Aes Sedai and the same Aes Sedai had to bond the same Asha'Man? They'd both be bonded together. No one would be in control, yet it seems like they'd work rather well together. Just a thought.
  11. *Tugs his braid at Ozzy...Wait, he doesn't have a braid... PARADOX!*
  12. I say Tam. I mean, come on. He's barely fought in the series. To be a Blademaster you have to be good, and he has fought in at least two wars against Tear and in the Aiel war. Plus, to find Rand on Dragonmount, that means he was right in the midst of the battle against the Aiel, as I believe they stated that most of the Aiel was near Tar Valon and only a few were at Cairhien to kill Laman. I believe we have just seen a fraction of his ability, and he'll be quite important in the Last Battle.
  13. Also, Animorphs made it into a TV show (though not a very successful one at all). Anyways, I had an idea. A movie would work. For example: Say the first book would take a seven hour movie. Make two three hour movies. Then take the last hour, and add it to two hours on the second book. There's another three hour movie. Then take three hours in the second book, etc. It's not the best idea, but it is the only way they could make a movie without chopping it to hell.
  14. >.> I dreamed at first that Rand was teaching me how to use Saidin. Saidin in my dream was weilded like the mage weilds the power in Legend of Legaia 2. You make different hand gestures for each of the five powers, and say the name of the power. A Weave was made up of between three and six of the powers, so I'd have to make the hand gestures for Water, Fire, Water (I.E), and say the word for water, Sana (the word for fire), and the word for water again. After that, I was the Dragon Reborn, and I was with five Asha'Man and Demandred. However, after killing the Asha'Man, Demandred
  15. >.> I went to the first day showing, though it wasn't the FIRST showing. I almost killed the four girls behind me, laughing at every little thing. Loudly. Literally, they must have laughed every five seconds. But, I despised the movie. However, as Cadsuane said, I think it does depend on expectations. I expected it to be great, as great as the first two. I expected it to at least semi follow the comic. It did neither. If I didn't have such high expectations, I probably wouldn't have been as disappointed as I was.
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