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  1. Wasn't Lanfear just beneath Ishy in strength? I just read in TGH that Supposedly it was so.(Don't have the exact quote though)
  2. 2 years and a Half! Doesn't that mean that Rand, Egwene, Elayne and co will get even more strong in the OP? (Well maybe with Egwene being forced she reached her max already, Rand pretty much forced himself too..) But would be nice =)
  3. What you're defending is called Determinism. You believe that,if at one moment,we knew everything about all the atomes in the universe,this Great computer could calculate(with all the correct physical laws)the past and Future. This guy called Lavoisier kinda invented that stuff. Another one called Heisenberg demonstrated later that the precision with which you know at the same time the speed and position of a particle has a maximum,the Plank constant. So that kinda trashes it =) (sorry if it's bad english,I'm french.)
  4. I happen to be French,and I can assure you that no such word exists in our beautiful Language =)
  5. How do you know if an Aes Sedai has been in your fridge? ->Ask her.
  6. I'm an actual French. Rappelez vous ce qui doit etre rappele would translate into Remember what must be remembered,BUT: It would be like remember what must be remembered as in Remember that you gotta make Bob remember if he doesnt go buy bread his mom'll kick his ass. If youre talking to lots of people or someone you have to show respect to,you use Vous.(like I say Vous to a teacher,toi or tu is for people you know). Souvenez vous de ce dont il faut se souvenir would be the best,but still not exactly what you would be looking for. In french people would say Remember what musn't be forgotten,so Rappellez vous de ce qui ne doit etre oublie Rappellez vous de ce qui ne doit pas etre oublie Rappellez vous de ce qui ne peut (pas) etre oublie The Last one would be Remember what must not be forgotten. But if it's homework and you gotta translate The actual sentence,use Tithen's Thing :) It may be false,but what the Stuff I Do in english Class makes no sense either ;)
  7. Exactly.. And i Doubt it takes merely being stronger than the other in the Dream to make him unable to channel.. To change something so important you would have to be Strong enough to crush him without thinking of it.. I doubt Moghy vs Egwene,for the example,in that fight no one could do that to the other. So =>OP fight,and being able to have a kickass Sa'Angreal can help :)
  8. I was wondering.. A Dreamwalker can change stuff at will,if strong enough. He can make an item appear in his hands. Could Egwene,for example,have an Angreal appear in her hands in order to kick someones ass in The Dream?
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