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  1. the Lan being in love with her right away thing was so insane to me, i could understand if it worked over time, but that shit was just weird
  2. sorry to bump an old thread but thom and moraines relationship plus Lan & Nynavene came out of noo where to me Like Nynavene i can understand why she would fall for Lan, just off the fact that she wanted to steal him away from Moraine, and one up her some how... but why Lan loved her too? just odd.. i mean he's not an easy person to read, but its like why? she's the worst in the beginning, but becomes one of my favorites by the end also I always thought Thom wanted Moraine to tell him of the Red Aes Sedei who took care of his nephew... I swore that information was in the lette
  3. To hard to choose The Great Hunt The Dragon Reborn The Shadow is Rising The Fires of Heaven The Lord of Chaos The Gathering Storm Towers of Midnight Those are my favorites.... but my favorite..... The Shadow is Rising. Only because of Rhudian and Matrim Cauthon. agh but all of those were incredible
  4. Tried to read the thread but there was a lot of fighting, so if this is repeated my bad I never really liked fain, i almost kinda expected him to be important to my own disappointment. he did a good job sewing chaos across Randland, that turned out to workout better for our heroes of course He just turned into some sorta unexplainable monster with crazy super powers and strength and such. How he combined with Mordeth and things? all was just way to crazy for me. I think he was kinda like the false dragons, but like false dark ones? An evil that would of been necessary if Rand
  5. That depends. If the Wise Ones and Aiel can't get used to the fact that the Seanchan won't give up their Aiel Damane, they'll have issues In my opinion, the most dangerous person to the peace is Elayne. The last battle was coming and the whole time she was just trying to gain as much power as possible in those last couple books
  6. Yeah that was a downer. Especially since Siun dies right after
  7. i think if he had an actual explanation for it, he'd eventually explain the body swap, but probably not the pipe thing. but i think if we get an answer to the body swap we'll get an answer to the pipe thing indirectly especially if the creator was involved.
  8. yeah i always liked Dobraine and was shocked when he just disappeared i too think he deserved Cariehen
  9. would explain all his traveling and random Noeledge ( ) Androl is one of my favorite characters though. I actually really enjoyed the in-depth look we finally received about the black tower. I don't think he outshines Logain as some might say, Logain is the clear leader of the tower, Androl being his second in command kinda? the bond him and Pevara shared was also awesome, and very Age of Legends like in my mind. I don't care if it was sanderson or RJ, to me it fit with the overall theme and message of the book, to have the two of them to have that connection, and fall for each o
  10. a book from Demandred's point of view. Him leaving the bore, going to Shara to fufil their prophecies and become their "dragon reborn" type character. He is a very tragic character within his jealousy, and is colored quite complicated in that last book, so that would of been all very interesting IMO. Also seeing and hearing about Meesana and Sermirhage's manipulation of the white tower and Seachan from his POV. The meetings with the rest of the forsaken and so forth. EDIT: just found out about this River of Souls thing with Demandred. Will have to look into that
  11. Hurin. i waited since book 2 to see him again and then Rand treats him like crap, and he gets killed before my eyes. For some reason he was one of my favorites, especially since book 2 is tied for my favorite. also Egwene.
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