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  1. Chicken Little was in "Direct to Theater-digital 3D" and Polar Express in "IMAX 3D" the technology is available and only lacks the financial resources. How about a wayto encourage the studios! 8)
  2. Take a tip from 24 on FOX. It would make an excellent Series if the time period per episode (film, mini series, or weekly series) is slowed down to allow detail and development. The advances in make-up and CG makes this the perfect case for direct to home or theater without film. Think of Disney's 3D or IMAX 3D as the norm. :roll:
  3. Rand and whomever will make him understand how to live, to Love and to smile. A warrior needs that to survive when all seems lost. God and family stand for more than dirt. :lol:
  4. Let us hope is is a series of movies (theater or mini series) look at what they did to the great stories of Patrick O'Brian. A great series of books made into one no so good movie. It takes a long series to develop the characters. Let them grow from the innocent Two Rivers village people into the fighting force required to fight the DO. 8)
  5. I have read them all. I will not tell you which one I liked the best. Now I am looking to get the series on Audio Tapes. My brother is on his second reading. I may have to purchase another set. i give them to the Veterans Hospital after I read them. Now I miss reading them.
  6. Thank you, that sure settles the question Movie or Mini Series. Now then the players are? My wife watches the soaps and there are a couple of young actors there who happen to be tall. Robert Patterson did a good job in Harry Potter and Dark Kingdom. Now we also need a list of great looking women. There are few ugly people in the WoT. Even fewer in this world.
  7. Great I look forward to the movies. I would like to nominate two old hard core actors. Sean Bean and Alan Rickman for parts. A little known fact about Sean is that Cornwell wrote extra books because of the great way Sean played Richard Sharpe. Great actors add to the joy of the movies. If they go with a mini series I pray they make them long enough to tell the story. Worst thing possible is the way they made "Master and Commander" completely lost the story..
  8. I went with Tom. He has nothing to gain and everything to loose; yet he steps in and provides security. He takes two dumb lumps and teaches them how to make a living and keep safe on a long dangerfilled journey. The trade he teaches and the care he provides far exceeds the norm for helping the lost. Tom is the champ!
  9. It has to be Male Female. The whole point is cooperate or die. Ben Franklin said, in an age long past~ :lol:, 'We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.' The symbol is male and female, the circle can only be strenghtened by adding the two Sadar and Sadin.
  10. I agree with the cards. I spent a veerrry long time in the Hospital and Cards always cheered me up. Perhaps, some of the more creative among us could come up with WoT Cards with humorous tag lines. I think the way you do those pictures on the forum are great.
  11. The food is going bad because the vermin are attacking (yes the work of the DO)but, just before being recalled to her duties with the Wise Ones Aviendha discovers a TA that will drive the vermin away. Look for that to be used shortly after the Twins are born and clear thought returns to Queen E.
  12. I think you miss the point. Just as the main story in LoTR is hobbiton the main story here is the village. Nynaeve is the symbol of strength in the village. The others are growing, so is she, but push come to shove they will turn to her. Siuan best Moiraine at every turn. Don't confuse the role they play with the strength of charater they represent. Siuan's courage is demonstrated just about everytime she does anything; uneducated and fearful of horses she learns to be a reader of spy reports and excells at everything and she rides horses though griped with fear. Pure strength. but the stroy is the village and its people saving the world. Nynaeve gets the vote.
  13. Jason, You done good. Great site and easy for us to work so I know it was hard for you to program. Keep it up.. :lol:
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