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  1. Welcome. I see that your signature mentions bananas. I'll have you know that I am a professional bananaslayer. Bananas are Shadowspawn, after all.
  2. Tornados already? Wow. Usually those don't start until late April to early May.
  3. They were, and Thom did indeed say that they were from the 'First Age'. I had forgotten that he specifically mentioned the Age. There is a possibility that Thom is mistaken and they were references from an earlier age, which was distorted and put into the First Age, but I doubt it. The next question is, when exactly did our age actually begin? The earliest reference was Queen Elizabeth, so would be at least a few hundred years old. I'm inclined to believe RJ would have thought the death of Christ - whoever he may have been to the Pattern - was the turning of the Age. And wh
  4. Considering Lenn who flew to the moon in an eagle made of fire, his daughter Salya who walked among the stars, the giants Mosk and Merk, Elsbet, the Queen of All, and Materese the Healer all live in the First Age, it's pretty clear that this would have to be the First Age. The portal stones and discovery of the one power don't happen until the end.
  5. While this is interesting, the age that we are in now is the First Age, not the Seventh. We are probably early-to-mid First Age, though.
  6. Wow, I'm jealous. The only cool WoT thing I have is a mass-market paperback of A Memory of Light signed by Brandon Sanderson. I thought that was awesome, but that's nothing compared to these.
  7. I loved Guardians of Ga'hoole also. I think I read those back in 5th grade. The movie was dreadful and didn't follow the books at all.
  8. I was really sad about the ending for A Dance with Dragons. Also, the ending of Test of the Twins.
  9. I have quite a few of his books that I haven't read yet. I should get around to doing that.
  10. I like a lot of the women, but I don't really look up to very many of them, except for Moiraine. She's just awesome and not a whiny man-hater like many of the others.
  11. I'd change the ending, which really made me disappointed. I wanted Perrin, Mat, and Rand to all be together again, hang out for a while talking about their adventures, and then head their separate ways. If I could change something, I'd make that happen...they were such good friends in the beginning...
  12. When I was little, my favorite books were the Magic Tree House books and the Rainbow Magic books - two extremely repetitive series where every book had the same plot - and there were around 100 of them.
  13. First book the weakest? It's my favorite, along with Reaper's Gale. I still haven't read books 8-10, though. Or any of the spinoffs.
  14. Book 12 is good. Many people think it's one of the best. I disagree but it's still really good. 13 and 14 are just awesome, though.
  15. I love the Honest Trailers. I've watched so many of them. My favorite is probably the one for Divergent, but they're all pretty great.
  16. I still haven't managed to get a copy of Toll the Hounds. I could get it from the library, but I own books 1-7. So that series is still unfinished...
  17. I'm actually getting it made into a poster. Also, I couldn't figure out how to resize it for whatever reason without distorting it.
  18. I'd be happy with just about any fantasy world. Real life is miserable. Mistborn's world would only be fun to live in if I was a Mistborn. If not, it would be somewhat miserable. I'd like Middle Earth, Narnia, WoT, Dragonlance, Pern, Harry Potter, just about anything else. I'm not sure how I feel about ASOIAF because of the long seasons. I'd be so bored with the long summers, and the long winters may just be too cold even though I love winter.
  19. I can't imagine the Whitecloaks not having a flag. The flag was actually supposed to have their sigil on it, but I couldn't bend its shape to look right, so I just left it out. I also wasn't using any reference, so there most likely are other problems with the flag.
  20. I'd probably balefire a banana plantation - but you all guessed that, right?
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