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  1. I'm very, very excited about this, but nervous as well that they'll mess things up.
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  6. I think books 4-14 have been released in trade paperback with the new covers. Also, this book is only $25, so cheaper than if you were to buy a normal hardcover edition of The Eye of the World.
  7. I never noticed this. Is this in all his books or just WoT? *goes to look at a random Sanderson book to see if this is true*
  8. Now I've just started reading some funny Mat passages to friends, hoping that will persuade them. But alas, none of my friends are willing to start the series. It saddens me greatly. They're missing out.
  9. Dawn - Accepted Mostly I go online to read/write book reviews, play games, and watch anime. Yep, I'm a huge nerd.
  10. I know there's one for Winter's Heart somewhere.
  11. The only characters I hate are Elayne (your typical irritating spoiled princess character) and Elaida (for obvious reasons.) I originally didn't like Nynaeve but she grew on me. Annoying, but entertaining. I have never had a problem with either Egwene or Faile. Neither of them ever annoyed me much. Actually I liked Faile immediately after she was introduced in the "Mandarb" scene. I don't care for Gawyn but don't really dislike him since he's a minor character.
  12. 697. When you can't stop thinking about bubbles of evil during the latest Gravity Falls episode.
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    From the album: random

  14. I never have a clue on how to explain it. I always make it sound like a really cliche fantasy series but then say "It's more complicated than that!" Not very convincing. Now I've just decided to go with "It's sort of like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings but also quite different JUST GO READ IT ALREADY!!!!"
  15. Milk in tea? Weird. I only like chai tea with milk. Milk in any other kind just sounds odd. I always sweeten my tea though.
  16. Hey, just because I think they are worse doesn't mean I think they are bad! I loved every book in the series. Except book 8. That one was just...okay. Not bad. Okay.
  17. The mug I usually drink out of says "I Donated my Brainwaves to Science!" I don't know where I got it or how you donate brainwaves, but whatever.
  18. Haha, okay. I only use teacups at fancy restaurants or teahouses.
  19. "Gets worse before it gets better." While there is a point in the series where it gets worse, that doesn't really happen until around books 7-8, arguably 6. Book 5 is one of my absolute favorites.
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