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  1. Nothing. I was replying directly to the 2nd part of the question there. ____________________________________ Well, one man's 'stinking miasam', can be another man's pleasure. But as I mentioned earlier, there is quite a bit of absolute bizarre mistakes that I noticed in Perrin's section(his goofball trial being one example, along with his powwow with Elayne). Also, is there not quite a bit of fan homage in these versions too? _________________________________________ Remember, there were ton of holes in the notes that BS had to fill in. I think you ha
  2. Well, the bunch from the Dragon Reborn only had three other witnesses: Gaul, Lan and Faile; good guys! And they sure are NOT going to spill the beans about it, so that incident will not keep chasing/haunting him. The two that he wasted from tEotW, had other Whitecloak witnesses that would not leave him alone, as we saw. 'That', was what was bothering him. As for his multi book character development, remember, it's relative to the length of the story also. While the first two books take place in one year, the next eleven books span about one year too. Also, keep in mind that Perrin's own st
  3. Oh my! That is one of my favorite plots from the series, and the main reason that tFoH is my number two favorite book. IMO, I feel that Jordan is in top form here. Specially his great humor. This is the part in the story where Nynaeve became one of my favorite characters. She is an absolute riot here; her being chased around the cook fire by Valan Luca being one of many examples. Just thinking of this part of the story being edited down gives me the ]]]shakes[[[. I wouldn't change a thing here. Regardless of who finished the books though there was going to be "different versio
  4. WOW! I thought that I was the ONLY one with these views. My two very favorite characters. (high five) And to add to your Faile point, I love this quote about her from the Dragon Reborn: "Perrin, and Faile. A fierce woman, falcon by name and nature. Had she really attached herself to Colavaere just to gather evidence? She would try to protect Perrin if the Dragon Reborn fell. Protect him from the Dragon Reborn, should she decide it necessary; her loyalties were to Perrin, but she would decide for herself how to meet them. Faile was no woman to do meekly as her husband told her,
  5. . MB: What exactly is this omnibus? Is it the complete WoT in eBook form? I just finished my first reread of the series about a week ago and was going to give the audio versions a try. Unfortunately, I only live about 10 minutes from work(never thought that you would ever hear that, did you?), so listening to it in my car is unlikely.
  6. . I certainly am not a fan of Elayne either in the last few books. Never got to hate though. However, one moment in particular is when she looked liked a foolish ass in that round table she had with Perrin/Fail about his lordship on the very eve of the Last Battle. Boy, talk about someone who was so full of herself that she was flying around in la la land. I do have to blame BS for that though, as that scene should have just been skipped altogether and given a very brief summery afterwards. IMO he tried to cram way too much into the ending.
  7. Yes. I have to agree, as I see what you and some of the other posters have been saying now. During my first read of the series I was so engrossed with the story heading to it's conclusion, that I either missed or ignored the mistakes and very uncharacteristic character actions and speech. Perrin's story line having the most numerous and egregious examples. My second read of these three which I just finished a week ago did not go so pleasantly. From now on when I read the series ending, I will just view it as some narrator 1000 years in the future reciting a very changed story by a camp
  8. . Oh man! soooo many of these gems throughout the series! Two of my favorite small moments: Winter's Heart prologue: From Rand's POV three things are going on in this scene at the same time: While Rand is at his school going over some important news and instructions with Dobraine and Idrien, his attention is also focused on Min who is rummaging through some of Herid Fel's books; she is cursing and then gradually her mood improves as she finds what she is looking for. Also, at the same time while looking out a window, his attention is on observing Mervin Poel's steamwagon's first trail
  9. . Yea. I just checked out the post aMoL quotes over at theoryland regarding Bela, and it most certainly is the case; Bela was written into a no win situation by BS. She had to buy the farm. Also, I remember reading somewhere(might be the ToR reread - I am not sure) that Harriet, also, wanted to avoid copying 'Bill the pony' from LotR; after being locked out of the Gates of Moria with hungry Wargs chasing the Fellowship there, Bill made the impossible, miraculous journey back to the safety of Bree, and survived the story. I do agree with Bela's demise, as it would have been copying Tol
  10. . Just finished chapter #43 of A Memory of Light from my reread. While the Heroes of the Last Battle are bleeding and dying all over the battlefield, Perrin is doing his best Bilbo Baggins imitation from the Battle of Five Armies in The Hobbit ***book***. I will finish this up next weekend where I can then devote the remaining chapters in one sitting. What? You can't stand the dozen or so descriptions of the types of tile roofing in Tear from 'The Dragon Reborn'? Actually, though, I have been contemplating on moving on to the audio versions as I have read t
  11. . I do not hate any character from the series. Even the villains. Enjoy them all. Though like Bel mentioned above, Gwayne comes close. I have been very baffled by various opinions like these that pop up from time to time, in which a poster will state a venomous hatred or extreme dislike to certain characters from the series. Makes me wonder if these heated judgements would still exist if the covers of his WoT books had CONAN in bold printed on the them. Or, at least 'From the author who wrote SEVEN Conan novels'. Are some readers really expecting Hobbits or Harry Potters to be runni
  12. You sure ain't kidding. My ADD kicked in immediately and I just gave up. I am hoping that someone will just make a nice graph or spreadsheet that will list all the channelers in order. Someone already did, before the Encyclopedia was released, based on the few entries they released in advance along with a few things I shared from the notes in order to clarify how the rankings work. Thanks for posting that. This is a very, very good point here. I have been finding assorted bits and pieces of contradictions to the books. How Healing works is just one such example.
  13. That's because you are viewing it as a guest. You have to be logged in to *your Amazon account*. If you are there as a guest, you get about 50 pages. However, once you log in, then you should be able to view up to 700 plus pages, with a whole lot omitted in between of course.
  14. . Yea, I saw that bit about the Black Wind and Fain too. However, it seems a bit tongue and cheek to me. Questions left unanswered: It is not explained how/why Taren Ferry is destroyed a second time(ch #1 aMol) I guess that was just an error by BS. Why is entering Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh considered EVIL by some? Is it just superstition? Perrin's Hopper hammer powers are not fully disclosed. It appears from aMoL that they are more significant than from tToM. In fact, it's most important one(permanently killing a Darkhound) is not mentioned at all!!!! As noted above, what I am find
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