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  1. Why 40 years? Did I miss something? Someone else mentioned that the "current" queen of Andor was in her mid 30's. She is at least that. Then that means that one of Elayne's kids would have had to have children of their own by the time he/she was ten? Not really fitting. I think that Birgitte's quote is just a subtle way for BS to bring about the gunpowder age which obviously leads to the industrial age, or the beginning of it, that we see in Aviendhas first viewing (the railroads). Considering the way Rand acted throughout ToM, apologizing left and right, righting wrongs, doing everything he can to win the last battle. It seems to me that if the fate of the last battle depends on him kneeling before Fortuona then he will do that. Would not be too strange. On a different note, who wrote the prophecies anyway? The King of Arafell (or was it the king of Kandor) said that an Aes Sedai of his line made a foretelling/prophecy concerning Rand. It seems plausible then that an Aes Sedai or Damane in Seanchan could have a made a foretelling concerning Rand kneeling to the Crystal Throne. It seems more likely that someone changed the prophecies to please the Seanchan royal line but you never know. Personally I've seldom been as scared as when I read the chapter with Aviendhas viewings. Those Seanchan scare me. This also seems a bit strange to me, however, there won't necessarily be a breaking as there was last time, since that was mostly caused by male Aes Sedai going mad. There's not a lot that suggests that that will happen this time around. It does seem though that a lot of people will die at TG. That Bruan is mentioned as special since he survived tells us that. Besides where are Amys and Bair and all those tough Wise Ones that seem immortal, one would think that they would have a say in the future of the Aiel if they were alive. We know that Elayne will survive, we know that Aviendha will survive. Why those two? And since they survive, why aren't they around? In the future that Aviendha viewed she must have survived, obviously, but maybe without having seen the future as she has in our time. Hmm I might not be making myself clear but it seems logical that if she had seen the future destruction of the Aiel in that hypothetical future she would have stuck around to make sure it didn't happen. She doesn't so I draw the conclusion that she doesn't know about the immediate downfall of her people. Her daughter does mention though that Aviendha was passionate about the future of the Aiel so I'm still a bit torn. That entire future smelled wrong to me (Thank you Perrin). The future of the Aiel might make a great second fantasy series for BS to write :P .
  2. My all time favorite moment was Aviendha's visit to Rhuidean. The thought of the Seanchan taking over is almost as horrifying, to me, as losing the last battle is. Also the way of life the proud Aiel had to succumb to too survive were tragic. On a side note. I don't get Lan and his Golden Crane bullshit. If he wants to fight the shadow, why not join with the other forces instead of charging 150k trollocs with 15k humans. It's pointless and it's a waste. It's not the same kind of honor as Noel's is. Lan's death will now serve no purpose but his own.
  3. Don't think it works that way. IMO the binder doesn't involve the pattern, (any more than any other ter'angreal, or any other thing in Randland for that matter). Aes Sedai who have the oath "not to channel the one power as a weapon" are repeatedly thrown into action. They have to feel in danger to be able to use it to blast non shadowspawn, (shaido, seanchan etc.). In the end of KOD when Mat is pwning the seanchan with his new crossbows and asks the green ajah Aes Sedai with him to aid them with the power (Joline?), she says she can't because she feels safe. So we can conclude that the rod binds people so that it is physically impossible for them to do whatever it is they are not supposed to. And no people bound with the oath road will not be spun into the pattern like the heroes. 1:since we know this isnt the first turning of the wheel.... thats a chicken and egg argument. 1:: No it's not since humans don't break their "shells" and emerge fully formed from the oath rod. Liandrins form of "compulsion" is almost completely different from moghediens. The chosens way is much more powerful and it doesn't hurt the one it is used on unless it of course fries his or her brain. It makes the victim try with all her might to please the compulser, which we saw when she compulsed Elayne and Nynaeve. Compulsion is forbidden for Aes Sedai now because of how powerful and dangerous it is.
  4. women start slowing five years after they start channeling, men star slowing ten years after. is it 1 year for every 10? so you are saying that the average age of people in Randland is 60? Quite possible, had never really thought about that. but how do you know that for channelers it's 1 year for every 10 years a normal person has?
  5. But I come from Iceland and a 1000 years ago Norwegians populated Iceland. We spoke the same languauge at first and there was hardly a difference between the way we spoke and the way Norwegians spoke until 1400 maybe. Since then despite travel between the countries we still have to take the time to learn Norwegian to understand them, I'll admit it's not very hard to learn but still, it's a different language.
  6. maybe because all the examples you mentioned are about men who are ta'veren? :P Might be your answer. Egwene isn't Ta'veren so she doesn't affect the people around her the way Rand, Mat and Perrin do.
  7. what Aes sedai was it then who traveled into the waste to learn about the Aiel? And then said in the books (or thought) that the Aiel were very closed and not forthcoming to strangers?
  8. Well what I think is the main difference between The Wheel of time and Christianity is that in Randland (excluding Shara since I don't know what they believe) there is a Creator everyone knows exists and no one is denying that, just like everyone knows that the Dark One exists. Not everyone believes God exists. You can hardly call what the people in Randland believe to be religion however similar it is to Christianity and other religions in our world. No one builds Churches or other sacred temples for the Creator, even though they may pray to him sometimes and ask for help. Here there are churches everywhere. And I haven't heard of any fanatics in Randland except for the people who went crazy after Rand declared himself. And of course the Whitecloaks, but they are just disturbed rather than fanatical :P . There has always been just one "religion" in Randland, but here the concept of the Christian "God" evolved from God figures from other religions in ancient times. And different believes often create difficulties in our world. Much like the Christian God, the Creator doesn't interfere with everyday life. Actually the only thing we know of is when Jesus was born 2000 years ago....very reliable, oh yes, and a book written by humans, fantastic. To me it seems like the Creator made the world and the humans are supposed to take care of themselves except he "helps" them when they have to deal with the Dark One. What strikes me the most though is how do they know so much about the creator and the wheel of time? Is the knowledge obtained from Darkfriends who get it from the DO? I don't favour believing something without having any proof.
  9. Well, quite hard to reply to that but didn't Verin say that she had once gone to the waste to study Aiel or something like that? Maybe it was her
  10. instead of thinking: Oh god! I sometimes think: Oh light! Just glad I'm not the only one:P
  11. So Rand is 2m tall?! :shock: how tall is 6 feet in meters?
  12. well it's true that we don't know exactly what Demandred is doing but he as been around spreading chaos in any way he can. Hasn't he?
  13. Jain Farstrider vanished in 981 NE what year is it now?
  14. Aviendha though, she has to use much much more of the Power to create a gateway than the Aes Sedai, Avindha has to use almost as much power as she can hold. I don't remeber why though. But all in all...it is startling how the Aes Sedai managed to forget so many things...it could be though that they just didn't want to pass on those things for personal gain. Like most Aes Sedai know a trick from before they came to the Tower or from when they were novices that no one (or a few others) know about which they usually take with them to the grave. A small example would be Moiraines eavesdropping trick, but there are many more out there.
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