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  1. I personally believe that Egwene taking control of the Tower is going to be done on the inside, without help from the rebel Aes Sedai. Without Egwene to motivate them, the rebels are most probably just going to sit on their hands and argue about alot of BS (something Aes Sedai seem to be really good at.) Egwene will need to gather enough backing to pull the same stunt Elaida used to dispose Siuan. This may come because of the hall's annoyance with Elaida, or simply because, in time, the tower Aes Sedai may come to realize that Egwene is in fact a beeter choice. Or, Egwene could (which i hi
  2. If Rand could figure out a way, could he kill the DO for good instead of having to re seal the bore...or is this guy invincible? Another question, did the DO actually break free in the Age of Legends, and if so how the hell did they manage to get him back in there?
  3. I'd definately use the power to be a little jerk all day and get away with it. Some guy's enjoying his pizza a little too much at Pizza Hut...burnt to ashes lol. Or better yet burn each bill that he attempts to pay with. Then melt his credit cards as he looks around shocked lol. Want to cut me off in traffic? How about a wall of air? Or maybe you'd prefer to have you tires melt? Maybe drive off a 25 foot air ramp? And you dont need balefire in rush hour...just create a giant bridge of air for you to drive 6 feet above anyone else. Or you could just throw cars out of your way lol.
  4. I'd like to know how the Aes Sedai managed to lose an essential and utterly important weave such as travelling. I mean if the Aes Sedai and the White Tower managed to survive the breaking then surely the weave should have as well. It only takes one to remember the weave and teach it to others. It's as if every Aes Sedai who knew the weave simply vanished. Also the Aes Sedai knew of the weave but never attempted to rediscover it. I find it extremely weird that they knew of it but never experimented weavings to develop it. I mean, thats how Nynaeve healed Stilling and Gentling, and that invo
  5. Thats actually a really, really good question. I never thought of that. I personally think the foxhead would not stop Mat from travelling, but it would be interesting if it did.
  6. Just a question....at the end of KoD, where was Bella? Was she still with Siuan?
  7. Lol although i did find Perrins knot tying and one track mind rather annoying, i do understand how Failes capture was necessary for the plot. I especially liked how RJ introduced that Shaido Aiel, Rolan, (I think) and made him out to be a good guy, trying to help Faile and win her over. Then Perrin comes and plants an axe blade squarely into his chest. lol. (who says RJ doesn't kill off characters!)
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