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  1. I haven't looked at it this way but you got me thinking. In every book is said "There is no beginning and ending in the Wheel of time". So maybe the open ending of the series is some sign of the basic idea. The eternal circuit. When I look at it in that perspective, it feels more suitable to me.
  2. Yes, that's true. I think what I don't like isn't so much the lack of happily ever after, I can accept a grey ending, but that it feels very open and inconclusive.
  3. Two things that bug me: 1. We know female channelers live very long. Some of them, like the Kin, for over four centuries. Are the male channelers going to live that long also now that the taint is gone? 2. Rand and the three girls. Now, without the ability to channel, he is going to live as long as any ordinary man. After him and Min are gone it is going to be only Avi and Elayne. And if Elayne's kids don't have the gift, she would outlive her husband AND her kids. The same is valid for Lan & Nynaeve and Tom and Moiraine. Lan and especially Tom are considerably older than their women so they won't be around for that long. So it turns out Avi, Nyn, Elayne and Moiraine have a pretty bad deal and are left on a cliffhanger. Unlike ordinary women they are going to spend most of their lives without their halves. Unless they find new men over and over again. I really wish Robert Jordan had thought of some way for Lan, Rand and Tom to live longer or at least to be shown what is happening with the girls years after their deaths. I think is pretty unfair for those who have invested in them. The ending is too inconclusive Have YOU thought about it?
  4. Unless it is possible in one life a person to be able to channel but not in another.
  5. As said, i don't think Egwene's importance to the story is proof for her being Ilyena. Neither Robert Jordan, nor Brandon Sanderson have said her present self is a main character in the series. Maybe it is, but there is no reason we should believe it to be so. We all have our opinions but no one, save Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, can be sure. I feel the love between Lews Therin and Ilyena is one that lasts. Rand and Egwene loved each other like brother and sister. If it was romantic love, them not being able to be together wouldn't change it. Love is love. Despite the circumstances. The most likely possibility is Min, Elayne or Aviendha although I consider one other woman too. Too bad we'll never know.
  6. Matt wasn't put in position which needed a big change unlike Rand or Egwene. Matt needed only to mature without changing. Just like Perrin.
  7. Actually, i like long posts. Thank you for this explicit and very insightful post, Barid Bel Medar! I agree with everything and couldn't have expressed it better. :) So it turns out that our initial protagonists, the TR folk, have had the biggest development. I think that is great how RJ has managed to create characters who change so much from what they have once been and is still possible for us to love their "old" and "new" selves equally. It is this way with me and it is because, as you say, the core is still there. I think Rand's change has many layers and it is definitely the most complex and when the last piece of this change comes, his accepting of his past self (even if you don't consider the rest, just the sheer experience of seeing yourself as two different men is terrifying enough) he is still who he was in the beginning but much more experienced and wiser. The same is true for Egwene, Nynaeve, Matt and Perrin in full degree. As for Fain, it's true that he wasn't on my mind when i created the topic but you are right that it fits. The thread is open for opinions about all the characters, not only the major ones. That got me thinking about Moridin who i think was the only deep villain in the books. The other ones were very much alike but there was some deep mystery about him and in the end he seemed nothing like the man he was in the TEotW's prologue and later as Ba'alzamon. :)
  8. Of course. All three ta'veren have. But Nyn has also. Remember how hard it was for her to handle her fear and anger. Despite being over twenty, in some aspects she was still a kid when it came to that. I noticed she started to change after she hooked up with Rand. They had really great influence on each other, very strong relationship, and that's why theirs is my favourite friendship in the whole story. Egwene i started to love and respect in FoH. She is considerably more adult and interesting there. Not that i disliked her before but i thought she was a bit bland. And after LoC everything about her has fascinated me ever since. :)
  9. Every one of them has at some extend but which ones would you put at the top of the list? For me, hands down, Rand, Nynaeve and Egwene. What do YOU think?
  10. Favorites: Men - Rand, Matt, Perrin and Lan :) Women - Egwene and Nynaeve. I don't care what haters say. They have always been favorites of mine and I love them. :) Most respected - all of the above and also: Moiraine, Siuan and Gareth Bryne for the reasons Ryrin has pointed out. I fully agree with you, Ryrin. And let's not forget that if it wasn't for Moiraine, Rand would never know who he truly is, he would never leave Two Rivers and would never be able to save the world. She is the woman with whom everything began. :) She discovered the future Amyrilin and Nynaeve, who also had a major role in winning the last battle as Moiraine herself. :) Tom Merilin - He is always so selfless, he tries very hard not to care but he never succeeds and he always ends up saving one or another of our protagonists. :) Not only with his actions but with his advises and experience. I think he and Moiraine are actually quite alike. :) Darvam Bashere, Gaul, Galad, Birgitte, Elayne, Aviendha, Min and many others. Characters who make me laugh: Matt, Nynaeve. Birgitte and Elayne. :) Especially Mat and Nyn. :)
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