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  1. ^ Wasn't Aginor and/or Ishy's(been awhile since I read) tie severed? They were both reincarnated later...
  2. But Luckers, wouldn't any channeler naturally react to the shield, if slightly, even if they were only able to channel?
  3. If a Channeler tried to weave a Shield on a non-channeler(thinking he was a Channeler), what would happen? Would the Channeler realize the target's inability to channel? If so, what's the point of complex tests?
  4. Neither have I. Where can I find all of RJ's responses to questions, anyway?
  5. In Dreams and Viewings, things are very symbolic. A body, or funeral bire, could very well symbolize no more than death. And Min's viewing about the three of them could mean that they will mourn him once he is dead.
  6. There are phrophecies relating to a funeral pyre? Why did no one tell me? :D Honestly, I've been through all the ones at Encyclopedia WoT, didn't see any like that. If there are(and I don't doubt there probably are...) could you please quote them, or at least provide a link? Alivia... could do something, anything, to throw off Rand's focus in a crucial moment. She could... hit him, sever him, anger him, compel him, anyhting basically. AS long as the prophecy flows. I get the bodyswap theory, and it's very likely and possible; I just don't think enough has been done with the Rand-Mori
  7. I know there are many theories on this, but I have my own I'd like to throw out here, because mine is supported by many phrophecies, and directly opposed by none. Let's start with defining what LTT is. My theory is that LTT is an alternate personality of Rand's(Rand has sanity issues, whether because of the Taint or not) that managed to somehow aquire memories of Rand's past life as LTT. With those memories, that alternate personality "became" LTT. This goes with Semirhage's theory, though it is not a prophecy. Now for the good stuff. Let's start with Min's vison of Rand and LTT merg
  8. Wilder. n. Any woman who teaches herself to channel without or before joining the White Tower, or is taught to channel by someone who is not Aes Sedai(again without or before joining the White Tower). Does that definition work for everyone? Note that this makes Moiraine a wilder, and makes runaway Novices and Accepted trained or organized by the Kin not wilders.
  9. Hmm, what I would do is start a "school" to teach others to channel, tough first I would get my hands on a ter'angreal to make them obey me... Then I would be able to channel, and I'd also have a group of other channelers at my command, to govern parts of the world after I take it over! :twisted: Of course, after I take over the world, I would assign healers, get rid of poverty, etc. You know, all that boring stuff
  10. ^ Agreed. Though I think it's "Taint causes Insanity, Insanity causes LTT". The taint does of course, indirectly cause LTT then, so it all works out. :D
  11. ^ There are many reasonable, likely possibilites. Yours is one of them, mine is another. There are also plenty of others.
  12. Aginor for me, with Padan Fain as a close second. :D
  13. Or he could be some "Chosen One", destined to lead the wolves against the Shadow at the Last Battle...
  14. ^ From Asmo's POV in which he died, does he make it clear and obvious that he is within Caemlyn, in the Real World, the whole time? I don't have the books with me, and I'm pretty sure he does, but it never hurts for someone to check...
  15. I think Rand has LTT in his head because he's mentally unstable... Like I said, I think Rand has a dual-personality disorder(whatever the real name is) and one of those two personalities "became" LTT by somehow acessing all of his memories from his past life as LTT. This would make Rand mostly sane, with the only major exeption being his dual-personality disorder. This fits with everything, invluding what RAW said in response to my first post. However, I think all people have past life memories in them, they just are completly unable to access them, except for the few that go bonkers(like
  16. ^ With your examples, and even Rand's need for a teacher, LTT can still be an alternate personality of Rand's, respondong to memory from his past life as LTT. Because of those memories, Rand's alternate personality now thinks he is LTT, and can do things like channel old weaves and draw because of the memory in his head. And, like Min said in her viewing, the two are coming together. That's why Rand can draw without passing on control, and why LTT can try to take over. Going a bit further with Min's viewing, it can actually mean that eventually, one of these personalities will take full contro
  17. We do have a Wheel of Time on our hands here. If the Wheel has spun countless times, and the Age has always been the same(or almost the same), then it makes sense for the same battle to have taken place countless times...
  18. With a normal shield, you basically put a box around the 'arm' that Luckers was talking about. With a Stedding, the arm can stretch as much as it wants, it just can't reach anything, because there's apparently nothing there to reach. Now, let me get this straight, is the Far Madding Effect Ter'angreal based, or is it a normal stedding? If it's one or more stedding, does that mean gender-specific stedding do exist? EDIT: Also, a guy would have trouble using a well for Saidar, unless we've finally found a magical both-genders Ter'angreal...
  19. Well, I believe Rand has a split personality issue(going a bit wacko...), as well as a bunch of leftover memory in his head, from his past life as LTT. "LTT" is an alternate personality of Rand's responding to the "leftover memory". This makes sense with basically every prophecy, as well as anything concerning LTT. It also works with the theory that this is not unique to Rand, but has happened to insane people in the past...
  20. Ishy doesn't remember the fight, he just knows(or believes) it took place.
  21. ^ Luckers you know I didn't mean to say the middle layer was within Far madding( I said it was of Far Madding, if you're going to get technical, get your stuff right. :roll: :lol: ), so there was no need for a recap of what I clarified like 4 posts ago... Anyway, so in a Saidin-specific stedding, like the middle layer, you say women would not be able to channel the True Power, but they would be able to channel the One Power? or do you say women would be able to channel the True Power, but men wouldn't be, even though they tap into the same source as the women are using?
  22. 1) Have you been paying attention? There is no evidence that Lanfear was trapped the whole time. I'm suggesting she got out, killed Asmo, and died a conventional death. 2) Nobody would like to end up in Semirhage's hands. After all, she's only the best human torturer alive! :D But it's Lanfear that Asmodean's been having nightmares about... 3) Mesaana does not have a better case than Lanfear. Or even Moiraine, for that matter, though that might be a stretch. 4) There is little evidence for Semirhage at all..., Sammael has a better case than her, though Lanfear has a better one th
  23. ^ So within the middle layer of Far Madding, would women be able to use the True Power, or just men? :D The Steddings block the One Power, serve as complete blocks from that source. The True Power, however, comes from a completly different source, the Dark One. That's why I don't thnk the Far Madding Effect blocks the True Power. Steddings, maybe, but not the Far Madding Effect, unless you're suggesting that there are gender-specific Steddings, like the middle layer of Far Madding. Also, as to Moiridin, why didn't he send in a bunch of Darkfriends disguised as merchants or travelers? That
  24. ^ No, the next best case after Graendal would be Lanfear's. What case does Semirhage have that can surpass Lanfear's?
  25. ^ Let me restate what RAW just said. :roll: There are 3 "layers" to the Far Madding Block. The inner layer blocks both powers. The middle layer blocks only Saidin. The outer layer blocks neither power, but locates both of them. The channeler, supposedly Flinn, was channeling Saidin in the outer layer. However, in theory, it should be possible to channel the True Power anywhere in Far Madding. This bears no relevance, but there it is.
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