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  1. Of course, I mean look at the historic leadership standards of this Org! Hah!
  2. The glint of sun shimmered off the sweat and drying blood of those who would never taste air again. The very air had finally begun to stop vibrating in his ears as he turned his attention to the dead. Johan, Olliander, Reuel, and Jim were not the first to find ever lasting peace during this trip, but they were spectacularly graceful in it. They had plowed through the enemy with lost abandonment with a singular purpose one thought only capable of the Creator himself. As he carefully wiped Souvan's blade clean and acknowledge this groups lost members he could not help, but thank the Creator for this instruments ancient purpose. It had served him well and would always. The metal would cut true long after he was embraced by the hard dirt beneath his feet. He watched over the rest of his men with intent and purpose as they prepared the body’s single grave. No time to dig individual ones this close to that mountain. They would not leave them exposed and opened to the elements. The crows could have the enemy; let the mother have his men. ~~ "These four will go as one man to the mother. May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home." He loosely spread dirt over bodies in the grave. Taking up a worn shield he and others began to plow the dirt over their resting place. With time the hole disappeared leaving only a fresh scar in the Earth. The physical scar would disappear with time and as the winds changed with the seasons this place would bloom once more. "Let the scar disappear and the only their bravery remain in the memories of those who were here at the end."
  3. The sun was trying to break through the clouds as Reikan awoke from yet another cat nap in this forsaken land. As he arose to his feet the wasted grass under his feet cracked audioably against the sickly soil. If a person did not know better they might expect the land to be nothing but a desert in weeks as it slowly died. Sadly the land's fate would not be so kind, as day-by-day anything living would slowly be corrupted beyond any hope of return. In the vast distance he could see the source of this corruption. He held the gaze of that mountain only for a few seconds, but it was enough to bring back memories of conflicts that gave him the shivers. "Creator give us strength..." he mumbled to himself. Pulling his eyes away, he turned to the silent commotion of the camp. In this place they had been trained to make no noise unless you wanted to call trouble onto yourself. They were the ones going to cause trouble! Still, it was a rather interesting group. Some gave off a sour look of intimidation to their surroundings while others looked as innocent as newborn babes. They'd learn. He checked his horse's bindings once again. He knew they were tight an hour ago, but one always had to be prepared for anything. They were too close to make any mistakes when it might need to count. Satisfied, he said to no one in particular. "We ride for honor, we ride for our pride. Mostly we ride for our shared anger of those dead." Looking over the horizon he knew not all of them would be able to shed the anger and accept grief in death. "Let us accept the inevitable!" "Embrace death," they shouted back. Reikan smiled and kicked into motion. OOC: Lyv, you may run into us or watch from afar if you like.
  4. The sky's reddish tinge slowly began to fade to orange and purple and soon even these colours would eventually devolve into blackness. One that would envelop and consume the countryside, but neither feared nor cared as he would be long stopped by then. So Reikan ignored the colours of the early evening until the very last moment when the road would become more treacherous to his companion then a berserking trolloc. The last thing he needed was for Torrid to step wrong and twist a leg or worse. Pulling her off the languid road he guided them slowly towards some wild brush and fairly used watering hole. He had passed by two of these earlier, but that was just after the midday sun had stopped baking the slowly cracking leather straps on his saddle. He had long stopped caring how the sun affected his body as the northern climate had slowly distanced itself from the strength of the light. He was sure he possessed quite a tan on his back from the early beginnings of this journey. As he gathered wood and material for cooking his mind briefly wondered how his kids would react to his departure upon their return. How could one put into words the calling of the soul? The thought did not remain long as the necessities of survival took over his concentration. The fire was active for as long as it took to bring the water to a boil, which needless to say was longer then he would have liked. This far north brought with it dangers to ones being that were only alive in the nightmares of those in the south. As he settled down to another quiet evening alone and felt the returning peace of mind pervade his consciousness as he drifted off in his nightly routine.
  5. I'm around everywhere. Depends on the discussion thread mostly. lol
  6. To say Sam had a restless night would have been an understatement. While his night with Cari was satisfying his mind kept him up most of the night as he could not stop being nervous about meeting his kids. Sam was not prone to being anxious, so when he started to feel that way he could not deal with it. Still as the sun started to rise above the horizon, his eyelids started to slowly drop. He had only just fallen asleep when Cari moved beside him. He had felt her against his body most of the night and it was surprisingly comfortable considering he had been out of the habit for a good length of time. Her movement woke him, but he could not bring himself to open his eyes. The older he got the more comfortable sleeping in became and it was even worse when the bed was warm. As the heat from Cari's body left the sheets, Sam's body responded with some goosebumps. They took away the rest of the sleepiness he felt. "I won!" a young voice screamed which was soon followed by more loud words. "Mommy had company last night!" The weight of the kid of the bed suddenly disappeared and he heard Cari saying something to the boy that quieted him. There was a few moments of calm when suddenly he felt himself be poked in the thigh. He immediately thought it was Cari, but realised as the poking persisted that it must be the loud kid. He had not even viewed the boy yet, but he already reminded him of another particular rambongious boy at that age. Heaven help him if the boy had picked up his youthful traits! It wasn't too long before the bed sunk down again though this time he was sure that Cari was sitting beside him. The words confirmed it soon after, "you aren't fooling me." He felt a nibble on his ear and her soft lips pressed again his before she said in a whisper, "Wake up lover." Cari spoke out loud next, "You've got people to meet." Sam pulled his arms above his head and the first thing he noticed was that Cari was wearing his shirt. It was way too big for her, but certain parts of her body's shape could not be hidden. He smiled at her and quickly took in the two kids so that he would not get arroused. He smiled at both of them and pushed himself up in bed. The boy was giving him an odd look while the girl in Cari's arms was hiding her face in her mother's shoulder. He was about to introduce himself when the boy said, "my name is Aiden and that is Kate and today is our freeday!" He jumped around a little and almost looked like he was going to drop kick the night stand when he suddenly stopped to say, "hey, who are you?" "I'm Sam," he said and extended a hand to the boy.
  7. His first instinct was to be taken aback by Cari's proposition, though the more he thought about it the less he was shocked at all. The way both of them had been flirting with one another spoke volumns. Right now he did not know if it was anything beyond the happiness of realising one of his friends was alive and well or something more, but he figure he'd go with it. After all, what harm could it do? He leaned in and answer her question with a kiss on the lips and after a long moment or two pulled away to say, "your bed will be fine." Her bed would be more then fine, he realised, as all the friction between them was arrousing old feelings for her. They paid their tab and were soon heading back to the ranch, though this time they both road the same horse with the other horse trailing. In the darkness of the night could not keep their hands off one another. It felt strange when they road into the Rashad ranch, as only a few hours ago they had not known who the other person was and now they were all over one another. The Wheel weaves...
  8. Sam nodded at Cari after she pulled her lips away from his. He tried not to smile at her too much as he was enjoying this a little too much for his own good, after all he had only just found out she was alive and was raising their children. Still that thought did not stop him from placing a hand on her hip and slowly caress it under the table. "Good," he said in response to Cari and their children's welfare. It was strange to feel himself becoming slightly protect of them when he had only just found out about their existence. The conversation moved back and forth a few times about nothing much in particular. Cari never moved far from him though and he guessed she still felt a close connection to him after all these years apart. Glen excused himself after about an hour of conversation saying something about having a errand to run for Nathan before bed. Cari nodded at that with a smile and itched even closer to Sam. Once Glen was out of earshot she said, "I thought he would never leave." Cari leaned into to nibble on his neck for a moment then just leaned her head on his shoulder, using it as a pillow of sorts. "Sam I never thought I'd admit this, but it's nice to have someone else around who knows who I was before this town." He wrapped an arm around her waist and said, "I'm glad you feel that way, as I've always felt close to you even back to our early days hanging around together. Though the last few years we spent together were dark times for us both," he said trying not to reference to much to their past. Cari had always been fairly quite and distant back then. When he looked back on it and their last few years in the Warder's Yard together, he could not help but feel that this new life of hers had changed her for the better. She had a very dark edge to her character then and it had always worried him, as the only people he had ever connected that streak with were Darkfriends. Thankfully Cari's bonding to Raeyn Sedai had removed that possibility from his mind. While he had never been bonded he knew enough to understand that you could keep no secrets from an Aes Sedai, so a darkfriend could never hide themselves from an Aes Sedai. That was at least one advantage Aes Sedai had in keeping their secrets hidden from the Dark Ones minions. "You definitely look a lot lightier of heart," he said with a smile.
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  10. Reikan mulled over the choices he had ahead of him. It would probably be too presumptions of him to think about staying with Cari and their children, as he had enough troubles dealing with his own household messes. "I'll probably stay at one of the houses," he said to Glenn and Cari then added quickly, "if that is alright with Nathan and everyone else." "Good, good." Glenn added then asked, "so what brings you to Rashad Ranch?" Reikan answered Glenn immediately as he did not want it to look like he was searching for an answer. "I'm just a wonderer looking for some steady work, though I do have hopes of settling down here as the town seems quite nice and looks like it will provide lots of work." He didn't want to add much more then that, though he figured it might not be a good thing to expand on the idea that Cari and he had children together. At least not yet, as he wanted the kids to get used to the idea before they let anyone else know. Knowing that Matalina was alive and had assumed a new role was giving him hope for the future. He had spent so much time escaping his responsibilities the last few years that he thought the Creator was telling him something by letting him return to some semblance of a family. It was odd to know that he had kids and suddenly realise that he had more to think about then just himself. Taking a seat besides Cari, he politely shoved her over with his rear to make room for him. She in turn wrapped an arm around his waist and pinched him which made Glenn laughed when he jumped out of his seat somewhat. "Don't worry, you'll get used to her pinches soon enough." Glenn said with a smiled and shook his head. "It appears our Cari has taken a shine to you!" He said and started to laugh again. "Maybe she might even calm down a little especially when her two kids look up to her so much. We wouldn't want them to be shameless flirts too!" He gave Cari a wink and smile and then turned to start talking to one of the waitresses. Reikan shook his head and felt Cari give him a hug before she started to whisper into his ear, "Sam..."
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