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  1. It is almost September. Dear publisher, can we get an ISBN number at least?
  2. First, the sales will be very poor. (Best Sellers in Epic Fantasy - amazon.com: EOTW #62, AMOL #83, EOTW audio #96). Not so long ago 8-10! WOT books were in the TOP50, at this pace there will none in the TOP100 next year. I am so sad, so sad. It was a bestselling series (1990-2005) then the publisher and Sanderson killed it. ON: I really hope that they will include stuff written by Jordan only. Good maps, good drawings (BWB, shivering), deleted chapters, and the most important: Jordan's commentary. I don't care what x and y think about the series, I need the thoughts of the creator only.
  3. If you need inspiration, then abandon the series. If you don't like what you are reading then the whole thing is just a waste of time. Path is "dull", Winter is also "dull". Knife is a little bit better. As many people used to suggest: read the first six books, then forget the rest. Sanderson's books are terrible: Jordan's target audience was 14-114, Sanderson's target is under 12. Terrible writing, terrible characterization, making his own rules, you will not survive it.
  4. Magicana, how many people would understand a lecture about taxation in university level without any preparation?
  5. I don't believe the 'detailed ending'. They said that Jordan left detailed notes but Sanderson confirmed that all of Jordan's stuff was max. a few dozen pages with many contradictories. They said that Jordan (on his deathbed) told them the ending, but there was no tape (!), so someone recorded his words with shorthand. Sanderson told us that he 1. did not touch the ending, 2. tinkered a little bit, 3. tinkered a lot, so I assume the 'detailed ending' is just a myth.
  6. Really great idea, although I'm afraid the price will be high.
  7. OT - our favourite one: Verin is Mat's daughter http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/32971-librarian-gone-wild-verin/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1035608
  8. Using GoT as an example: old fans (1996-2000) - they hate (and most of them don't watch!) the tv series, new 'fans' (2011-2014) - the tv series is superior in every way (and only idiots read the books). Interesting aspects. We are lucky, because WoT cannot translate to small/big screen without looking ridiculous (plus the story has to scaling back to basics etc.) One more thing about the reputation. The series is constantly under attacks but most attackers are not going to take the time to bother reading WoT properly. They had heard a few phrases (it is just a retelling of LotR, pulling her braid, all the women are the same, endless descriptions) but they did not spend any time with it (maybe a fast skimming). Anyone could hire a poster, a blogger, a reviewer in these days for 50 cents/$2-5. You just only need 3-4 people (of course they will use 10-15 alternative names) and you could take over the main sites and forums. You could see that in politics (USA, UK, China, Russia), in videogames (Neogaf, N4G, Reddit), amazon, newegg etc this is just the tip of the iceberg: After being caught paying for false praise and negative comments about competitors, Samsung has been fined just over $340,000. but I think it does not matter in the long run. Why should I care about false opinions? I always recommend the series this way: udbabor520: read the first book. acquaintance: done u: did you like it? a: yes - no u: then go on read the second one! - read something else
  9. Rand will stop (a few hours later), and he will go back to his 'harem'. He will heal Avi, then they will live as a big, happy family.
  10. (Personally I hate tattoos.) It is your body, it is your choice. She has a really cool name.
  11. Sounds about right. Ironically I'm re-reading KoD, and when Rand returns to Tear, he thinks to himself that he had no idea whether his tax cuts were actually helping people and Elayne would know better. LTT replies to him by trying to explain wealth creation and how it interfaces with taxation to create jobs. Rand doesn't understand a single word of it. Magicana, this is true but Rand is not a total idiot.
  12. It's hard to imagine that these quotes are posted on his website without his knowledge. However, the essence of my post was this: why should I read Brooks when I can read Tolkien? Why should I read Abercrombie instead of Martin? I choose Rowling over Rothfuss, and - of course, I will read Jordan's books only in the future. One can enjoy subordinate, not original novels. It is their choice, if they are happy, then no problem but I go after the better, 'original' books and I will stuck with them. Sanderson/Abercrombie admitted that he is just Jordan/Martin's shadow. And I agree with Rothfuss on this one: He had the nerve ... But in these days even the third-rate authors are popular, and after selling a few hundred thousand books and being number one on the NYT's list, they really think that they are very good writers. I think it is high time to come off the high horse and doing an introspection.
  13. I see where you are coming from but to me is very clear that almost everyone is able to compose/read letters/books, yes, that is my big problem. There is a sense of a very good general education (a blacksmith - 'at the end of the world' - reads several books on history, 20-40-60 books per household) but we don't see it (aside from AS).
  14. Source? This is the first time I see this claim. I'm now in 'search mode'. I remember there was a page and even Terez had a comment on this. Terez, where are you? We need your help! Or it would be really good to see some official numbers from TOR, Sanderson, Sanderson's assist. The graph looked like this: TGS 100%, TOM 50-60%, AMOL 65-70% I'm not sure at all, my memory is really fuzzy. Anyway, a member of our book club posted this last year: Apart from the fact that szilard and cseresz are not the masters of the English language, these facts are very interesting.
  15. There is no 'if'. I forgot to add this last time (tEotW, chapter 36): So many books. A simple inn has a huge library. Or is it normal??? The bolded part vs "all of Bran’s books stood idle on the shelf opposite the fireplace" (tEotW, chapter 2) I could call this a contradiction but who knows, maybe there is a villager who owns at least 40-80-100 books. Maybe.
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