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    WOT, of course. I'm a massive science geek, especially if its space related :) Also riding dirt bikes, fishing and playing music (METAL!) lol. oh i could go on.... so i will!

    I am an electrical technician by day, commissioning high voltage supply and control gear for underground mines. I live on the beautiful Lake Macqaurie in NSW Australia....well not ON it, next to it though. In my spare time if im not reading (mostly WOT) im out riding my dirt my bike, writing music, fishing, camping, hanging out with my dogs, having a beer with my mates or just generally enjoying myself. I also started skydiving untill i had a bit of a mishap.
    But yeah i love WOT. It is hands down the best series of books in the entire history of the universe. NO QUESTIONS!
  1. I like heaps of the characters but i do have a few who really stood out to me. Also, i wondered what kind of friend they would be if they were real? Mat:- Of course he stands out, he's one of the main characters. But when i first read EoTw i actually pictured Mat as an annoying little S%*t Im not sure when i changed my mind exactly. But i love the back and forths that happen between him and some of the other characters. Especially the more prudish ones. which will explain the next favourite on my list. Mat would be the type of friend who assures you that you can do another beer bong, and a few more shots. Also those girls over there have their eyes on us........probably Talmanes:- This guy doesnt come up too often as far as i know, but i loved him. Firstly (and probably mostly) the banter between himself and Mat. Polar opposites make for hilarious converstations. Reading how they think of one another in each POV also made me crack up. His sense of humour was very subtle but very funny. especially when he was taking jabs at Mat, to Mats great confusion. Talmanes would be the friend who was watching you and Mat all night, occassionally objecting to your behaviour but never really doing anything about it, beaming with joy on the inside at the thought that you will probably spend the next morning hugging the toilet bowl. Androl Genhald:- He's a late comer so i cant write too much in fear of adding in spoilers. But those who are familiar would probably understand why. He's a great bloke, a mentor to his peers despite his downfalls. But he makes the most of it and turns out to be a badass of epic proportion (in my opinion anyway). A perfect case of using brain over braun. Androl would be the guy who bails you and Mat out of lock up the next morning, and makes your crippling hangover seem fantastic compared to the pain of seeing his "im not angry, im just disapointed" look. Anyways thats all ive got. hope you dont mind the end parts i made up. I was just trying to think of who i liked best and why, and it sort of popped into my head. lol
  2. G'day Kain, I myself was introduced to WOT by one of my good friends. Although i have always been into reading i had never really been into the fantasy genre untill i was introduced to WOT. Do your friends like to read? If they arent big readers then i think starting them on WOT would be asking a bit much. haha. But if they are, maybe just try getting into a discussion about books in general. Then as we all do just steer the conversation towards WOT. Unfortunately some people just arent into books. How sad
  3. Thanks Aidanna, As i said it is so hard to choose. But i love that Mat is such a smart ass and a bad ass at the same time. I'm still looking through as the groups. again so hard to choose!
  4. Hello and thankyou! It's great to be here. As i said earlier i travel quite a bit for work so plenty of time for re-reads. You think thats creepy? i've read it so much that ive started calling people woolheads and saying LIGHT! instead of F#@K! Its ok on here but for non WOT readers i sound insane. haha. Thanks for another warm greeting!
  5. Serious? How did i manage that so quickly? Must be a bit touchy. My actions so far have consisted of this post unless i am missing something. UH-OH!!! ;)
  6. Cthulhu and mayo for breakfast? ive gotta be honest that sounds horrible. We can do lunch though :)
  7. Thanks Theodora. Everyone i have spoken to so far has been really great and i am really happy to have found so many cool people who share my love of WoT. Yes ive just finished ToM today for the 4th time ;) i do have lots of time to read though as i said in an earlier post. I completely agree about re-reading. you would think it would get a bit boring after a few times but nope! its still just as great. i dont think i will ever get over the fact that its all over :( lol. what will i read now? nothing could compare surely? As for my favourite WoT character, this is always so hard for me to decide as it depends on which chapter im reading at the time! haha. I think Mat would have to be my pick though. yes i do read other novels ive read the Game of thrones series, Misborn, and also Wool. im planning on starting on "the way of kings" next. What about yourself? any recommendations for me? ;)
  8. Cheers for that mate. Its rare to find a place that is newb friendly. Lets see how i go!
  9. Thanks Rasheta. Is there anywhere i can have a look to get the idea? sounds pretty cool
  10. Yes, they can be expensive. I found a first edition hardback of New Spring in a used book shop. One of my friend's called me the other day and a guy is trying to sells his hard copies so I told her the ones I have and asked her to buy the rest. He was charging $10 a copy, not too bad. I'll watch out for you in the White Tower and Warders. I think ive already been coaxed into the white tower ;) see you there soon!
  11. Thanks! Glad to be here :) Yeah Fourth time through ive just started ToM again today. I do alot of flying for work so i have plenty of reading time. Also i just love going back over them even though i know whats going to happen on the next page. Limiting yourself would be a good idea. Im not sure if i can, I think my obsession is becoming unhealthy. haha. Ohhh that is an absolute cracker of a question! EoTw would probably take the cake of course because its what got me hooked. Oh damn thats a hard question!
  12. I love this place already :) Rasheta Ardashir that sounds interesting. What exactly does it entail? Forgive my ignorance but im just a spring chicken on here. haha. G'day Ryrin! I'm just cruising through the site as we speak so i'll be sure to check out the groups. Also are you finding it difficult finding hard copies? i know brand new ones are available but they cost a fortune. I have a spare copy of ToM in hardback which hasnt even been opened if you or anyone else is interested. (i accidently clicked 2 instead of 1 when ordering). haha.
  13. Totally worth it though :)
  14. Thanks Elaevia, It was a bit heavy, im just very thankful they were all paperbacks or i would have been in trouble :)
  15. G'day everyone, My Name is Liam. I've been reading WOT for about 2 years almost non stop since a friend of mine shoved a duffel bag in my hands which contained the entire series and insisted that i read it. Needless to say i was instantly hooked and am now halfway through my fourth re-read of the series (i kid you not). I came accross your site a while back as i was interested in the theories and simply did a google search. Even though i have gone through the series a few times i still love reading what people were coming up with as the series progressed, and im surprised at how many were so damn close! i was thinking of digging out specific theories later, or has someone already done that?. Anywhooo i have been stalking all you guys on here for quite some time now so i thought it was time to actually join and maybe contribute where i can. So yeah, thanks for the awesome site and thanks for having me as a member :)
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