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  1. I remember a strange moment in FoH, when Moggy has meeting with the BA. There was not a real need to gag ears&mouths of Lia and others- they had not a moral power fo continue struggle against Miggy. Then she could use only a circle of silence. Why Moggy did otherwise?
  2. I'm not sure I understand the question. That is one of the functions of the a'dam and Tuon as we know trains damane. I saw an opinion that the air weave was for Joline and as result she was silenced. But I think maybe here is other sanctions if Tuon knows it.
  3. How you think Tuon gave to Joline a pain through the a'dam or here was something other? "If you think that you can," she began, then cut off abruptly, her mouth going tight. An angry light shone in her eyes. "You see, the a'dam can be used to punish, though that is seldom done."
  4. it is possible to find this test somewhere else? because wotmania some years as is closed.
  5. Hi everyone. I have question about LoC- was Min captured in the palace and transported in second box. bound and gagged? I understand so Rand didn t see how she was captured.
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