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  1. I don't know, it's cool to see the Wheel of Time in film, but from a movie-watching standpoint this particular video was rather bland. The acting was generally overdone, the cinematography was tremendously cliche... and what I found most frustrating was that the subtlety of the original, which is what I love so much, is completely gone. Instead of wondering how the lightning miraculously struck there and hundreds of pages later finding out -- rather ambiguously -- that Rand can channel, you see him shooting lightning? Not to mention Mat and Rand wondering "what if Darkfriends are chasing us because one of us can channel?!" which was never even on their radar originally. Or how about the silly part about "an army the world's never seen before," with Shadowspawn AND the Black Ajah (which bear no relation at all to Dread Lords)? I mean I know it was an amateur production, but if they'd put the same amount of time and effort into the acting, cinematography, and script that they obviously put in to the great sets and costumes, it would have been a far better piece.
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