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  1. Not sure if anyone will be interested but if so check out www.criminalaffairs.proboards.com. If nothing else just check it out and tell me what you think and any ways you think i could make it better! :)
  2. Evelyn considered Amahn's answer for a moment. He watched as she stepped across the room slowly, gazing off for a moment, and then turning back towards him. "Let's say a 'Darkfriend' is brought before you. What would you do? How would you break down the walls and rebuild them?" She said to him. Amahn considered the question for a moment, letting it sink in fully before he began formulating an answer. He scratched the side of his neck lightly for a moment and then went into his answer. " Well, I suppose I would start by making this 'Darkfriend' admit to his sin. Going to whatever extremes I thought might be necessary, even if it meant harm to the individual. Which in truth would still be better for that person than dwelling in the Shadow even a second longer. " He paused for breath for a moment. Thinking of how to correctly word the rest of his answer. " As for ' Rebuilding ' those walls... Well if possible I would try to get them to come to the light after confession. If not... Sometimes its better to destroy a wall completely and put another in its place than to try restoration. " Amahn looked at Evelyn intently, taking a brief moment to observe her beauty. Of course he was discreet as he did this. With a sigh he shrugged his shoulders. " That is the best I am able to explain I fear, i suppose I could go into a bit more detail but certain bits are better left unsaid. " He relaxed for the first time since entering the room. Awaiting a response from the female officer in front of him. He began tapping his foot nervously at the prospect that his answer might not have been that which she was looking for. Blood and ashes, I hope I can make it through this. Shes about as intimidating as the old gruff, and without even trying! His face remained cool as their eyes met...
  3. Amahn straightened his stance a bit as his instructor approached him and was shocked to find out that she was a female, though he gave no sign of his surprise. He knew all to well that offending a female with something to prove could be the downfall of even the strongest of men. And she's not bad looking at that, he thought to himself. Finally she stopped in front of him, " Seeker Amahn Luthgar? " she asked in a questioning tone, and he nodded to her in answer. "I'm Inquisitor Evelyn Shirale. I'm here to train you in interrogation techniques. Please follow me," with that she turned on her heels as if she already knew that he would follow for a fact. A slight grin crossed Amahn's face, though he didn't dare let her catch a glimpse of it. The two walked together for a short while, proceeding indoors before they finally came to a room with an open door. As they continued into the room Amahn spotted a vast array of questioners tools laid out across a stout, yet well worn wooden table. After a short observation he heard a door shut loudly behind him and he averted his attention back on the female. What was her name again? He wondered as he looked at her expectantly, finally she decided to speak up, "First of all, I would like to know what you think is the purpose of the Hand of the Light and what you expect of this training," she said. The lesson had clearly begun. Amahn thought for a short while about how he was going to go about answering this question and finally decided. " I believe the purpose of the hand is to break down the many walls of lies that the Shadow hides behind and break them down. Then rebuild them in the image of the Light, as barriers against the Shadow. " He looked at her expectantly after he had answered. He hoped she had found his answer to be acceptable. He once more adjusted his stance, it was almost as if he were mimicking the traits of a wooden plank.
  4. Amahn Luthgar awoke early to the cold air of his sleeping quarters. With a slight shiver he sat up, wrapping the thick blankets he had kicked off in his sleep around his shoulders tightly. He sat there in his bed for a moment before finally throwing the blankets off and standing up drowsily. His balance shifted awkwardly with each step he took to a porcelain washbasin positioned in the corner of his small room. It was one of the few furnishings in the room other than one stout wooden chair on the opposite end, a polished wardrobe, and a bed centered in the middle near the only window. As he was walking he stepped through a stream of bright morning sunlight which temporarily blinded him. Amahn winced as the cold water from the basin ran down his skin and began scrubbing quickly in an attempt to speed up the process of washing. When he was finally done he dried himself with a thin, tattered towel. It took only a short while after to make his way over to the wardrobe and dress himself in common wool underclothes. When he was done he threw on various bits of armor and gripped down onto a snow-white cloak, embroidered with a red shepherds crook and a golden sunburst. He threw it over his shoulders, securing it around his neck. He had been informed to meet an instructor today, for what exactly he was still not sure. What it is matters not, i'm tired of just sitting around! With that thought Amahn walked over to the gruff-looking, stout wooden door. He slid the bolt out of place and stepped out into the hall. Slamming the door shut behind himself. He stepped off down the hallway, his heels clicking loudly with each step across the well-worn floor. Eventually he found himself in front of an open corridor that led out into the court yards. He was told he was to meet his instructor at the pavilion, from there he would receive further instruction. He stepped out onto the court yard, walking across it quickly to reach the pavilion. His heels kicked up light tendrils of dust with each step that floated off behind him in the wind. Finally he reached the pavilion and stood at attention, waiting. One thing he had learned while being at the fortress was that ranking officers went on their own time, and it was in the best interest of those under the command to always wait patiently and give as little lip as possible. Amahn had left his sword back at his sleeping quarters when he came. That was another thing he had learned while being there. Unless told otherwise, when coming to someone of rank, never come armed. As he stood there waiting he began to drift off in thought, watching men work their sword forms a short distance off at the training grounds.
  5. Amahn rocked on his heels eagerly as a few men entered the room carrying new cloaks. He already knew exactly which one he would be taking up. The combination of the red shepherds crook and the sunburst. Recruits smiled here and there as the divisions they were to choose were mentioned. As the rest, when the Hand was mentioned, a smile split Amahn's face. He almost could not believe that this was happening. The man gave out instructions, informing the recruits to go here or there, depending on the division of their choice. Amahn carried himself to his destination with dignity and discipline but he could not help the broad smile that was seemingly plastered upon his face. He felt like crying out, anyone who had ever doubted his capability had been proven wrong on this day. He was to be the newest thorn in the Dark ones foot as far as he was concerned. Amahn gripped onto his new cloak and along with the other new children, threw it over his shoulders, securing it at the neck. In that instant he felt complete. This was his destiny, his place in the pattern. After a short while he and the others stepped back into line, almost all at attention. "Congratulations, you are now ready to begin your new duties. You will receive orders from your prospective divisions. You are dismissed and may the Light ever shine on you." The man said. With that they all began walking away. Amahn made his way back to the barracks, walking along polished floors until he reached his sleeping quarters, he opened the door stepping inside. Upon entering the room, Amahn kicked the stout wooden door closed, not bothering to slide the bolt into place. He then yanked his cloak from his shoulders, spreading it out on top of his bed neatly so that he could observe the emblem. He still smiled, staring at the cloak for a long time. He was not sure how long he had been standing there when sleep finally took him.
  6. Amahn stood second in line among a straight row of men, waiting expectantly. A smile was evident on his face yet there was still a hint of nervousness there that would not be dismissed by an observing eye. Now the real work would be expected of him, he was no longer training to do a job. It was time for him to do that job, and he knew that it would not be an easy one to do. Finally a man stepped in front of the group of recruits, his head held high as he observed them. He began pacing in front of the recruits until he gathered their full attention and then spoke up. He made it known to the group what they were there for, as if there was any doubt before, and then gave them one last chance to leave before swearing their oaths. No one left. A satisfied smile spread across the mans face as he realized that they would all be staying and with that he continued. "We meet at days end and night begins to seal your commitment to the Light. Please repeat after me," he said, raising his eyes to the setting sun before he continued. "By the Light and the hope of salvation and rebirth, I swear fealty to the Children of the Light. I vow to serve, respect, and grant obedience to the high command. In the name of the Creator, I swear it." The man stood there, patiently waiting for all of the recruits to repeat the First oath. They all repeated the words exactly as they were put. Amahn looked around a smile splitting his face. His excitement would be evident to anyone who took the time to look closely enough at him. Standing at attention Amahn and the others waited expectantly for the man who had given them their First Oath to continue.
  7. Amahn Luthgar awoke to the sound of a quiet knock at the stout wooden door to his sleeping quarters. He slowly rose from his bed, taking a while to untangle himself from a cluster of blankets. Finally he made his way over to the door, sliding the heavy bolt to the side, and opening it. He quickly spotted a male servant standing right in front of him and the man said, "Recruit Luthgar, you have orders to report to the Fortress at 18:00 in order to take your Oaths into the Children of the Light. Please be prepared and on time." Amahn nodded to the servant and muttered a quiet reply that he almost instantly could not recall. Their was a trace of excitement though, that the servant had probably noticed. He closed the door as the servant scurried off, probably to go gather the rest of the recruits. Finally, He thought, the day had come for him to be anointed. After a short while of pondering on his thoughts, he finally stepped away from the door and towards a small porcelain wash basin located in the corner of his room. It was one of the few luxuries recruits had, being able to bathe. After scrubbing at his face, arms, and chest with a small lump of unscented soap vigorously for a few minutes he stepped over towards the small, yet sturdy wardrobe on the opposite end of his room. Opening it up revealed only Amahn's armor, two plain white cloaks, and a wool shirt with trousers. Amahn dressed himself quickly and then set to securing his armor, double checking various straps and buckles here and there. After he was done he sat down at a small wooden desk near a window and looked out onto the training grounds. With a smile on his face, he sat patiently, waiting.... Finally the time drew near and Amahn left his quarters to go to the Fortress. After making his way through a few narrow, winding corridors he found himself outside of the barracks. He kicked up small bits of dust as he crossed the training grounds. Eventually he found himself outside of the Fortress, and stepped inside along with a few other recruits. Suddenly it hit him, this was no longer a fantasy, it was reality. Amahn would become a true child on this day..
  8. Finished the weapons training rp I started - http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/85706-training-day/?do=findComment&comment=3072940
  9. As Amahn stepped out of the room, he closed the heavy wooden door behind himself. He stopped for a short moment, a frown sprouting on his face. He shook his head vigorously as if to snap himself out of some sort of a trance, and then proceeded down the hall. Not many thoughts budded in his mind and he was fixated on the sound of the loud clicking noise his boots made on the polished floor. Suddenly he stopped in mid step, remembering the frown that had crossed the other mans face when he mentioned the Hand of the Light. Amahn was not blind, however much it disappointed him, he knew that other children held an open contempt for the ' Questioners ' as they called them. After a short while he continued on down the hall, and eventually stopped outside of a shabby, wooden door. Home sweet home, he thought, and was shocked to realize that he had spoken aloud. A small cluster of passing recruits stared at him warily as they passed by. Shaking his head Amahn shoved the door open and stepped into the room. Once the door was closed behind him he slid the bolt into place. He then began shoving the few bits of furniture up against the wall, creating a decently sized open space in the floor. Amahn drew his sword, stepping into the middle of his small space, it was a rather poor attempt to clear his mind. He swung random, undisciplined strikes here and there. Why did he even call me in there? After a short while he gave up, making his way across the room and sheathing his sword, he fell backwards on the bed. Bloody ashes I need some rest! He thought. Rest did not come easy however. He could not help but think over the days events. Amahn sighed aloud. He soon realized that he was still in his cloak and armor and began laughing at himself. Without getting up from his place he pulled off his boots clumsily, he then untied his cloak and rolled off of it, tossing it down into the floor. After a short while all of Amahn's clothes made an awkward pile in the floor. Being in nothing but his small clothes he worked himself under the thick blanket that was on his bed. Now that he was out of his armor sleep came easy to him.
  10. Amahn followed the man he had previously been sparring with down a series of well kept stair wells and hallways until they finally came to a stop near a stout, well worn wooden door. The man shoved the door open and closed it behind the pair as soon as they were inside. Amahn chose to take a seat when he was offered. He knew he wore a worried look on his face but the man soon put him at ease with a few kind words. He just wanted some basic information apparently. Fair enough, he thought, and so he began speaking to the fellow in confidence. " Well, " Amahn began and shrugged his shoulders, he was still a bit sore from the sparring session and was finding it difficult to make himself comfortable. " I was first born son to my father, who was a poor farmer who lived just outside of Caemlyn .. " he paused for a moment, adjusting himself once more and clearing his throat. " At an early age I was exposed to the many evils of the world, and saw the hand of the dark one in the world myself, I soon decided that if no one else was going to do anything about it, than it was my duty to take care of the issue myself. " Amahn stared over the desk at the man with a casual gaze. " I did all I could to walk in the Light, but I soon learned that the real battles were being fought by those who out right opposed the dark one and fought him and his spawn both in a mental war as well as a physical one, and so I heard about the Children and beyond that, the Hand. " Amahn shrugged once more, clearly meaning he was done giving his back ground. He hasnt the need to know anymore. He rubbed his hands together roughly and tried to plaster a fake smile on his face. He had never been very good at smiling... But then again he had never had much to smile for.
  11. The man who Amahn had been sparring with clapped him on the shoulder with a heavy hand. “We’ll make a fine swordsman out of you yet, boy. That was some ballsy move you pulled.” He said loudly, not seeming to be the slightest bit worn out. Tension instantly drained from Amahn and a small smile spread across his face. He breathed a sigh of relief. The few recruits who had been observing them had averted their attention elsewhere as soon as the session had ended and the man glanced in their direction. The sound of steel clashing upon steel rang through the training grounds with loud echos. Suddenly he turned back to Amahn. “Ballsy moves like that are never taught in the books,” he explained. “For the pure reason that they’re just plain silly and stupid.” The man said and quickly smiled to take the sting from his words. Amahn had not been offended though, he knew that he was not stupid. “But it is often this unpredictability take lets you win nine times out of ten.” Amahn nodded and replied in a worn tone, " Yes, Sir. " The man began staring into the eyes of Amahn and pivoted on his heels. “Ready to go again? Remember, be unpredictable – but don’t be stupid.” The fellow said. Amahn imitated - not very well of course - the stance of one of the men from earlier. He crept forward slowly, holding his sword ahead of him with both hands. He thought for a moment, and swung two, well placed blows. They both connected, one landing on the mans right shoulder and the other ramming into his left elbow. Quickly the man countered with a floury of attacks and it took all of the energy Amahn had just to direct the blows elsewhere. Finally one connected to his hip and the fellow quickly followed up with a blow to the rib-cage. Amahn fell down on his back but quickly rolled over, coming up on his feet. He ducked low with great speed and swung a blow at the mans knees...
  12. Amahn winced as he stepped forward toward the man who had given him a nice boot to the ribs. A mischievous look ran across his face, his usual method of attack was clearly doing him no good against this man. He had another idea. Rather clumsily he raised his sword above his head and brought it down in a wide ark. As the man in front of him reached to block the attack and more than likely counter it, Amahn slung his right foot towards the fellows ankle knocking the leg out from under him. Instantly he spun around, throwing his elbow at the mans head, the attack barely connected but Amahn thought he had gotten his point across none the less. A few of the recruits who had strayed from their instructions gasped in surprise. Suddenly a blow took Amahn right in the shoulder and he crumpled to the ground. He shuddered a bit as he became aware of the cool breeze that had been working its way back and forth along the training grounds. Slowly he stood from his place at the ground, grunting as he did so with a grimace on his face. He muttered a curse under his breath and stood with a slouch in his step. Bloody hell, he thought, just had to look away from the fellow eh Amahn? He quickly averted his attention back to his superior. Only now did he finally take the time to truly observe him. He wore the tunic of a Hundred man; a silver lightening bolt lay under the golden sunburst that was embroidered on the breast, which indicated his rank. By no stretch of the imagination was he an impressive figure, but he had a look of discipline and reserved strength about him. The look of a true, battle-hardened soldier. Amahn leaned forward intently, bracing himself for the bitter critique that was soon to come. He no longer noticed the wind...
  13. Being active is over rated

  14. Amahn stepped out onto the training grounds, mixing in among the other recruits. Dust hovered around his ankles as he stirred it up with each step. Tottering anxiously from foot to foot he awaited some form of instruction. All of the recruits were murmuring to one another within their various groups. Amahn frowned as he noticed this, growing slightly impatient. At least at the end of this day he would be a better swordsman than before, and that in itself was worth the wait on the instructor. He watched a few already working their forms to the side curiously, these were clearly some of the more experienced children. They moved about gracefully, almost as if they were dancing with swords in hand. Shaking himself Amahn averted his attention back to the front of the group. They were all standing about rather awkwardly. He rubbed his hands together and then dropped them to his sides. ' Bloody hell what is this some sort of patience party? ' Amahn thought. He began loosening his sword in its sheath, this action in itself did bring a bit of pleasure to him. Suddenly a man stepped out in front of the group and Amahn slammed his sword into its sheath with a loud click! and stood at attention.
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