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  1. I can't wait for the encyclopedia! I'm as anxious for that to come out as I have been for the progression of books, haha.
  2. He is 70. As for treatment, he's been to many doctors for his condition.
  3. So I thought this was kind of funny and decided to share... My wife and I read books 1 through 4 together about 6 years ago but then life happened and we never continued the series. When I've brought it up to her in the last year she's never wanted to get back into it. To be fair fantasy has never been her genre of choice. Anyway, to move the story along, we were driving home to chandler az from Lake tahoe (about a 14 hour drive with 3 kids under 8) and I told her I'm going to give her the series run down from book 1 to a memory of light since we have hours to kill ahead of us. So
  4. Not sure if you're familiar with Christianity or Judaism (as Robert Jordan was), but you'll notice in reading the Old Testament that the god of the Hebrews most assuredly played favorites with them; they were his one chosen group of ants in his backyard.
  5. RJ has stated flat out that Taim was never supposed to be Demandred. In fact he was surprised by how strongly fans thought there was a connection. :) I know that's what he SAID. But authors have some pride, too. I don't believe him, haha.
  6. After reading through the debate, I think Nakomi is an avatar of the Creator; I don't care that Jordan or Sanderson said the Creator hasn't had any interaction with the world. (I also think it's clear from the text that the voice Rand heard outside the cave is not the Dark One so I deduce it was the Creator. I think Jordan/Sanderson are just doing some sleight-of-hand.*) * It's also why I think Taim was originally going to be Demandred but the fans picked up on it so fast that Jordan felt a little butt-hurt so he re-wrote Taim's and Demandred's narrative to keep the fans guessing.
  7. 540 -- Your wife, who doesn't even read the Wheel of Time (but hears you talk about it frequently), has dreams of Liandrin and other members of the Black Ajah trying to take over the house. (True story; just happened 2 nights ago.)
  8. I think it's probably too much work to have that much back & forth between the male & female characters, so leaving each narrator to read their male or female POV and also do the opposite sex voices probably works a lot easier and requires less editing. Other than the huge cast of World War, it was really the first audiobook I'd listened to that had both a male and female narrator. Roy Dotrice is acclaimed for his work on A Song of Ice & Fire, but he does all the characters, male and female. Yeah, I'm sure there was a reason it's done that way. It's still good though..
  9. I need to re-read that part...I don't recall what you're referring to. (I know he gave a "speech" but I don't remember the contents.) He made a very long, awkward speech about what the Black Tower was going to be, why they were to be called Asha'man, how the ranking was going to be and why he brought the pins, and wrapped it up by "promoting" Taim to be the first Asha'man and in so doing unwittingly insulted the man. Not to mention he essentially showed up out of nowhere and told a bunch of men who'd never even seen Rand before what to do and how to do it. It was unbelievably awkward an
  10. I need to re-read that part...I don't recall what you're referring to. (I know he gave a "speech" but I don't remember the contents.)
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