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  1. This seems more like trying to justify the presence of 6 points, as this would be a break from tradition. It takes a circle of 6 to be strong enough to hold a man once he has been shielded by a circle of 13. If a shield held by a single woman could not hold Rand, then why would they use six individual shields that he could just break one by one. 1. If an individual cannot hold a shield on Rand 2. If tradition dictates that a shield be maintained by a circle of 6 Then it stands to reason that at Dumai's Wells, all Rand would have noticed was a single point, and a
  2. Can you point to a text where it states this. If they were not in a circle then each shield would only be as strong as the SINGLE woman holding each shield, and Rand would only have seen the single point of the shield closest to him and he would have been able to break each one as he worked his way out.
  3. So I understand what is being described in the passage, the issue for me is that when they state that a circle of 13 women can shield any man, they are stating a single shield held by one woman that is basically using the other women as an angreal. The women wouldn't be able to tie off their portion and leave the circle, they would have to be released. In which case it would then turn to 5 soft points, then 4 soft points etc.
  4. In book six when the tower Aes Sedai take Rand, they shield him and take him to the house they have been staying in. Rand talks about 6 soft points. At Dumai's Wells there is a point where some of the six points become hard (from knotting). I have heard this part many times (audio books) and even read it several times and it never dawned on me until today. How come their were six points and how come some got knotted. I reason away the six soft points with an explanation of the one power flowing in from 6 people, but then some of them get knotted (tied off) as women leave the circle. This
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