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  1. Oh I'll be careful ;) I'm like Egwene coz I'm pretty darn stubborn and feisty and have this never ending well of curiosity. Also I have a lot of meaningful dreams...it's kinda my thing
  2. When you were reading these books did you see yourself or the people in your life as some of the characters? If so who was who? Who did you relate to the most?? (also I'm just on book 4 so far...please try not to spoil!) I relate to Egwene a lot I think. :)
  3. My first instinct is Perrin, but I feel like the way he withdraws would be a lil frustrating. Have a feeling I'm gunna end up with someone like Mat. Haha
  4. Just joined! still trying to figure all this out...Come check out my art and let me know what you think. More to follow!!

  5. Elleinad05

    My WOT Art

    All my personal views of the book characters
  6. Hey there! I'm new! So excited about joining and finding friends with the same interest. May the Light shine upon you
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