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    Wrestling(Collagen style), anime, and reading books.
  1. I guess I'll read it myself I just can't contain myself at times lol, and btw you're welcome good sir. -Claw Assassin.
  2. I've created a thread on this topic already, but seeing as putting more than one line usually increases ones chances of catching something I thought I may as well ask here too. Who does Rand end up with at the end of the series? Is that too big of a spoiler? Though I might as well try and ask, because this has been bugging me for awhile now, (btw I haven't finished the series only about half way through as of now). -Claw Assassin.
  3. I am about half way through the series now, and I've been wondering who does Rand marry/choose at the end of the series? Or does the series end with one of those harem endings where he doesn't choose?
  4. Hello everyone, WOT fan here for a few years now and thought I would join a forum and talk about one of my favorite book series. -Claw Assassin.
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