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  1. About halfway through and this is probably the best book I've read. I'm on my phone so didn't look through the threads to see if already posted. I just know that I have asked for suggestions here before and figured I'd make one.
  2. Had to laugh at this. Do you post on the 2+2 forums much ;D
  3. I was told that it was one of the big ones but couldn't get past book 2. Too much walking around. :lol:
  4. x2. I like your opinions Wert. They seem to agree with my own. I may just hit you up about some more reading material after I get all settled in with which ones I like of my current recommendations.
  5. Yeah that and the big dome Rand made when he was fighting with Lanfear on the docks. Those were stationary though vs a shield that moved with the person. I've wondered about that too. I would assume it would work the same. If it stops rain drops which are matter then it should stop anything else physical unless it has a breaking point that is exceeded by the amount of force being applied.
  6. Awesome. I now have like 15 more sets of books to investigate. If even half of them are to my liking I'll be set for a couple of years :D Thank you everyone.
  7. Great stuff! Keep it coming. Kivam, I copied your whole post and put it in the book list I'm starting. I'm gonna print it and take it to the library with me. Basically I'm into good fantasy and some sci-fi with the fantasy mostly written around the human characters. Of course there have to be some monsters but the fairy tale thing I can't really get into. Everything is secondary to great writing though. I think I could read any sci-fi or fantasy that's written really well and for an adult audience. For sci-fi I loved Stephen R Donaldson's gap series and enders game by Card. The foundation books were ok for the first few then got kinda boring. I will definately read sci-fi but I'm kinda stuck for really good fantasy and it's my favorite. Thanks again guys. I know there are other threads like this but I wanted to look for a specific group of well written and somewhat adult targeted books rather than sift through every book people liked in the genre. It will be great when I have enough good books that it spaces the re-reads out enough to start them just in time for the new book or enough that I don't remember every detail.
  8. Ok so I've reread the WoT books like 4 times and am rereading the Ice and Fire books by Martin. Love both as they are written for thinking minds and have great plots and writing while being very different. I have read all (except the newest) Goodkind books and can't bring myself to read them again. I thought they were very simple writing compared to Jordan and Martin. The books I've tried but seem written for children are the Shanarra books (couldn't make it past two) and the Pawn of Prophecy books by Eddings (again lost it by book 2). I love Jordan and Martin but am tired of waiting a couple years between books so are there any really good epics that are done? Or even trilogy's? I read about 4 to 6 hours a day at work sitting doing nothing and it makes my day fly by when I have good books to read. Right now after reading here I'm looking at Steven Erikson. Over on mania he has gotten almost perfect reviews. Is there anything else I should look into?
  9. rrmike


    Love the books. Interested in the discussion of various theories about the mysteries. It's really interesting hearing from other readers who have completely different (and sometimes off the wall IMO :D ) ideas about things in the books. Like the Asmo thread. I had completely forgotten about him within a chapter after he died but it seems a hotbed for discussion in the community. It's kinda interesting for discussion but completely irrelevant. He's dead never to return. If he had slipped and broken his neck the end result, it seems, would have been the same.
  10. 120 pages! Wow. This is a crazy popular topic of discussion I have learned since finding these boards. I've read the books 3 or 4 times and always thought it was one of the Forsaken who did it. The thought of Moiraine or LF doing it has never even occured to me. But then I've never cared at all. It's one of those (many) things in the books that didn't seem to matter. He needed to exit the storyline and so he did. I wonder if RJ was even sure who he had do it when he wrote it? That's it! I know for sure who did it. RJ said it was obvious. It is. RJ killed Asmo :lol:
  11. Avi could easily be done without. Kadere could just as easily have told LanF that he thought he had slept with Egw and had her go into her tissy fit. They are not real people and sometimes their actions don't make perfect sense to me but they have to do them to make the intended story line come about. It would have been easy enough to have some random encounter between them look like a lovers quarrel or whatever to Kadere. Or he could simply mention that he's in love with Elayne in Kadere's hearing and RJ could use that as the basis for LanF's outburst. I personally like Avi but I don't buy for one second that you couldn't edit her out without losing a single important part of the overall storyline. I like the books just the way they are but it could work very well with a lot removed. The Senchan <-sp? could very easily have just done away with the Shaido off screen without any character involvement which would obviate the need to have Faile (and her subsequent capture).
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