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  1. Birgit - Lucy Lawless (she's a natural blonde AND 5"11! Or Hudson Liecke (Both from Xena)
  2. You should probably finish the series before casting' date=' [ * WISEACRE WARNING * I can't finish the series because the series isn't finished yet - I'm playing catchup starting from book 1 (Reading 3 Wheel of Time books in 1 week = sore eyes! ) '] because a lot changes by the end of the series (at least what's written now. Lan is Lan. He's not Aragorn the Second. Casting Viggo Mortensen would make people think of him as Aragorn. And their characters are VERY different. Besides, basically re-casting the major actors from LotR would be a mistake. WoT isn't LotR parts 4 - 16. I Know Lan isn't Aaragorn. His character is very much different. The closest thing I've seen to what I imagine his character to be was the character of "Navarre" from "LadyHawke". The character of "Aaragorn" would be too soft compared with LAN :) Also, I think you may be confused between Mat and Perrin. Neither Mat or Perrin are blond though. Perrin is the one with the axe and the shoulders. I can't imagine Sean Astin as Perrin (or Mat!) in my worst nightmares. Maybe you're thinking of Sean Bean?? Sean Bean is too old for either one anyhow. So is Sean Astin. And Sean Astin has dropped the extra weight from LotR, but he is not fit enough for Perrin--at least, not how I imagine Perrin. And Mat is tall and wiry, which Sean Astin definitely is not. And per IMDB, Elijah Wood is 5'6". I think most of his fans know he's pretty short. I don't think Elijah Wood has the ferocity sometimes necessary to play Perrin. I'm trying to imagine Elijah Wood growling like a wolf, and all I'm getting is a kittenish mewl... :(
  3. Yep! I see the similarities as well. The Aes Sedai mirror BOTH the Bene Geserit and the Honored Matres. Also note that the Aes Sedai are terrified of a Male Aes Sedia and want to control him. The Bene Geserit were looking for (Kwizatz Haderach ) A male bene geserit that they could control. Yes the Aeil are similar to the Fremen - there's also a word usage that's close. The fremen called the worms Sha'hulud (Later on Shaitan - for the tyrant) the word Shai'tan appears in Jordan's work as an evil creature as well. Also the game played in the royal city nearly mirrors Frank Herberts "Wheels within wheels". Any other similarities that you see ?
  4. Which Amyrlin Seat? ;) I'm just starting book 4 so I know of only one Amylin seat. I say either Judy Dench or Louise Fletcher! Viggo in that part would make too many think Aragorn in LoTR I think... ;) And Karl Urban is too good at playing bad-guy to not put him as one. ;) -- Hey I liked him as Aragorn ! :) I really like Sean Astin' date=' but I wish people would stop suggesting him for Mat as he's too old imo, in addition he'd have to lose quite a few pounds to play Mat. He's blonde and broad-shouldered and it would be neat to see him be somewhat heroic! (RE: Him fighting off the floating Axe!) No offense - but can you seriously imagine him as Perrin who's supposed to fit this description: "He is half a head shorter than Rand and stocky with thick arms and shoulders" I like Elijah Wood as well, but can not picture him in that role... How do you know Elijah Wood's not six foot in real life ? :) Not having seen either of them act I think' date=' I can see either of them in the role. But, their height would work against them instead of for them imo. Liandrin is described as less than a hand taller than Moiraine (who is about 5' - 5'2"), while 5'10" would make them at least 2 hands taller than Moiraine.. ;) Checked on Imdb and according to them, Hudson Leick is "only" 5'7 3/4", so height-wise, she'd be a better choice imo.[/quote']
  5. Nice long list! I like a LOT of the suggestions (except casting Scott Bakula as "LAN"..that's too much of a "Quantum Leap" ;) for me ! (Ducks the rotten tomatoes) Rand al'Thor - Ed Speelers (Yes - THAT Ed Speelers from "Eragon") Lanafear - Kate Beckinsale would rock the house Am. Seat - Dame Judy Dench ! Padan - Brad Dourif for sure Lan - Vigo Mortesen (Aragorn) or Karl Urban (Lord Vakko from "Chronicles of Riddick" (* Ron Perleman COULD play the part - however - he blonde haired and blue eyed. Cast him as an Aileman) Mat - Sean Astin Perrin - Elijah Wood (Seriously - imagine him with yellow eyes - he'd look wolf - like at that point) Thom - Sean Connery OR Patrick Stewart (Thom's a tough customer as well as a bard) Morg - Would love to see Michele Pfieffer (Think of her performance in LadyHawke ) Liand. - Would love to see either Lucy Lawless or Hudson Leike (Both from Xena - both ladies are 5"10 !! Well - what you do guys/gals/Ogriers think ? I'll ignore all comments from Trollocs - they don't count anyway ! ;)[/img]
  6. Hello, I'm just starting to read the "Wheel of Time" series. Just finished the first three books and am starting the fourth now. I got started on Wheel of Time when someone mentioned that "Eragon" was similar. I don't see the similarity at all. If anything, his writing is more like Frank Herbert ("Dune", "Children of Dune", "Dune Messiah", "God Emperor of Dune"....not the trash put out by his son and Pol Anderson). I loved the books , especially the third! The battle scene (at the end) rocked ! See you around the forums!
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