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  1. Good point, Demandred. Winter Carnival? I'll have to see what's going on, that's sounds interesting.
  2. Welcome to Dragonmount. If you've only read up to Book 9 so far, you may want to be careful around some of the topics, as a few of them may contain spoilers for the later books.
  3. At what point does Moiraine display this Talent? I must have missed something...
  4. Hmmm, sounds like the Green Ajah would have a very warm welcome for new warders. :D lol
  5. Thank you for the welcome everyone. To Nia, either name is fine, I'll respond to both lol. I sent an email to U4ea today, and I requested to become an Algai. Thanks again everyone, this looks like a great Org to be a part of.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been in a few orgs before this, but I've heard a lot about the Whiter Tower, so I thought that this might be a good place to join. Hope I didn't make the wrong choice!
  7. The Wise Ones warn against entering T'A'R in the flesh because it is supposed to make one less human. I don't believe it ever specifically states how one loses one's humanity, though.
  8. Haha, I think I'm remembering Taki now. :D Arcade version? Alright, sounds cool. I'll check that out when I get a chance.
  9. It's been a while since I've read through the series (hopefully gonna get around to it soon), but just what is the situation with Luc/Slayer? How is he also Isam?
  10. Sorry if I sound like a noob lol, but what do you mean, "the AE version"? Hmm, it seems like an awesome game. I might just have to pick that one up. Alright, I'll go check out the website and see what's up over there. Taki? Refresh my memory, but what character was she? What weapons did she use? The name rings a bell, but I can't place the face.
  11. I had to say Demandred in this. I feel that he's gonna play a big role in aMoL, due to the fact that we've seen next to nothing of him. Also, he's got such a huge problem with LTT, being second to him in everything, it just feels like there is gonna be something big between Rand and him. Related to his problem with LTT, I like the whole revenge thing he's got going on, and he's a lot more justified in hating LTT than someone like Sammael, who is mad over the scar he received. Ishamael was a close second though. Can't go wrong with the power-hungry psychopath! :P
  12. Hmmm, maybe it's just me, but I personally like the whole Faile/Perrin matchup. :?: Anyways lol, something TheoryMan said reminded me of something. When Rand and party discover the Portal Stones, doesn't Moiraine or Verin mention that there is only one Creator in all the worlds and one DO in all the worlds? So wouldn't that mean that Rand could seal the Dark One or defeat him in the real world, and he would still be sealed away/defeated? I can't remember the exact spot they talk about this, but I am sure that I remember this conversation.
  13. Yeah, they make a couple of references to chamber pots, which is what they would have 'done their business' in at that time. As for your other question, I believe that it has been a little over 2 years since they left the Two Rivers.
  14. SC 3 is only out on PS2 right? Is it worth getting? I'm thinking about picking it up, but I want to make sure that, ya know, it's as good as SC 2 at least.
  15. I agree with most of your assumptions of loyalty, but I'd disagree with a few of them. I don't know what it is, but I feel like Egwene would choose the Tower over Rand any day. She has become so obsessed with becoming an Aes Sedai, I think she's willing to do anything for it. Also, the Lan/Nyn loyalty issue, I think they'd pick each other over Rand. It just seems like they are besotted with each other and would rather choose each other, even over the Dragon Reborn. For everything else though, I agree, I think that they would put their loyalty in Rand rather than a significant other, or other s
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