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  1. For Moghedien, I doubt she expected Nynaeve to be as strong as herself which surprised her. Then she probably was too proud to give up in the fight over the shielding as to not be outdone by a "so-called" (not even) Aes Sedai child that knows nothing.
  2. On the blog it shows it was posted on the 31st and I don't think he would do that.
  3. Exactly, there is way more to a book than the main storyline. Not everything has a direct relation to the main plot of a series. The Wheel of Time series has one of the most extensive series of subplots. I personally love them all. I admit Elayne's Andor stuff gets kind of boring sometimes, but the other subplots are very interesting. I love Egwene's portion in KoD. It is probably one of my favorite parts of the series. Mat is freaking awesome in the last two books. Perrin getting Faile back is a great part of the series. Just read through them both.
  4. Im sorry for having been rude Egwene. I am not saying we have to be like Tolkien or Jordan, but we should try to follow closer to them when they both have created two of the most successful fantasy stories ever. We need to have more detail for it to work. More detail would still let a writer roam free, but would give it structure. How many people are supossed to be writing anyways? Only us 5 are really active in the project, so we all still would be making the decisions. Think of it like this, if we give the history of the world around the middle ages, but in a mystical world.
  5. There was some other important things in there which was important to the future of the project and you just move it all? There were other points in there that you don't mention. Just because people are content with how something is, doesn't mean it cant be better. Tolkien and RJ built two of the most successful fantasy worlds. If we want this book that we are creating to actually sell, and if we want this story to actually be successful we need to spend more time on worldbuilding. I almost gaurantee that this will not work if we leave the worldbuilding where it is now. There
  6. I still think we need to wait a LONG time before you write. We still have a lot to do. When someone writes a story they are supposed to know just about everything about their world even if it isn't going to be in the story. Tolkien spent a good amount of his life working on the world of The Lord of the Rings. Robert Jordan knows just about everything about Randland and has extensive notes covering it. A few very minor things like climate, very minor history, and some astronomy is NOT going to cut it. We need to get VERY specific with everything. We need to get the specifics of ALL regio
  7. Assuming they make it through TG, they (or some other AS) will probably study it eventually. The reason they didn't do it before was because they didn't want to get their attention at the beginning. Later, after they did use the Well they didn't want to get rid of their leverage to get Rand back.
  8. Yeah, I really didn't like how they never mentioned her in Amadicia. She went with Bayle on a ship and got intercepted by the Return (forgot if it was Suroth or Tuon's ship) and then gave the bracelets to them. They would then go to Ebou Dar with them with Bayle as her servant (cant remember the name).
  9. They didn't have designated restrooms in houses back then, they had chamber pots.
  10. Can trollocs/shadowspawn enter TAR? If they can then that would pose some major problems.
  11. One of the best scenes which hasn't been named yet was the scene when Mat finds out that Egwene was Amyrlyn and he thinks she is just joking. "When the poor blind fool they've chosen out for their Amyrlin gets here, I will do the talking. She can't be very bright, or they'd never have been able to shove her into the job."
  12. I don't think that they can sense the total potential of someone, but we know that the women progress in a linear slope rather than the men who just progress randomly in strength gains. This lets them estimate their eventual strength if they keep working
  13. Faile is 3rd in line to the throne of Saldaea. It goes Tenobia, Bashere, Faile. I just really see her getting it because I thought MIn or something had a viewing with her and the Broken Throne/Crown (forgot which) which is ruling Saldaea.
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