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  1. For Moghedien, I doubt she expected Nynaeve to be as strong as herself which surprised her. Then she probably was too proud to give up in the fight over the shielding as to not be outdone by a "so-called" (not even) Aes Sedai child that knows nothing.
  2. On the blog it shows it was posted on the 31st and I don't think he would do that.
  3. Exactly, there is way more to a book than the main storyline. Not everything has a direct relation to the main plot of a series. The Wheel of Time series has one of the most extensive series of subplots. I personally love them all. I admit Elayne's Andor stuff gets kind of boring sometimes, but the other subplots are very interesting. I love Egwene's portion in KoD. It is probably one of my favorite parts of the series. Mat is freaking awesome in the last two books. Perrin getting Faile back is a great part of the series. Just read through them both.
  4. Im sorry for having been rude Egwene. I am not saying we have to be like Tolkien or Jordan, but we should try to follow closer to them when they both have created two of the most successful fantasy stories ever. We need to have more detail for it to work. More detail would still let a writer roam free, but would give it structure. How many people are supossed to be writing anyways? Only us 5 are really active in the project, so we all still would be making the decisions. Think of it like this, if we give the history of the world around the middle ages, but in a mystical world. We talk about England, France, China and India. We give a general history of how feudalism started, Greek and Roman influences and stuff. There still are a million plotlines to build on, but you dont just go "here is the earth, create a story". What exactly are we trying to do for this project? What is the ultimate goal? Is it suppossed to just be a fun thing to hvae done? Is it supossed to get published? If it is getting published it needs to have more starting detail to build off of, and even if it isn't then it would be good. On a smaller scale, what are you going for? Why are we writing this story? Is there any goal? Is it just random stories of peopl ein a world? Is there an actual storyline that we are going for? I have no idea. If we don't have an idea then we will just have a bunch of people going totally random directions. I believe we need to have a few things set in stone: Major Countries and Cities - (What hte people are like in general, how others feel towards them, political system, history, etc.) HIstory - (Major events which affect the present) Plotline - (Where are we going? Where is the ultimate goal for this?)
  5. There was some other important things in there which was important to the future of the project and you just move it all? There were other points in there that you don't mention. Just because people are content with how something is, doesn't mean it cant be better. Tolkien and RJ built two of the most successful fantasy worlds. If we want this book that we are creating to actually sell, and if we want this story to actually be successful we need to spend more time on worldbuilding. I almost gaurantee that this will not work if we leave the worldbuilding where it is now. There is a difference between letting people roam free and having just about no structure or backbone for the story. I am not interested in working in a project which is destined to fail, which this likely is if we leave the stuff where it is now (basically, which is what it is looking like).
  6. I still think we need to wait a LONG time before you write. We still have a lot to do. When someone writes a story they are supposed to know just about everything about their world even if it isn't going to be in the story. Tolkien spent a good amount of his life working on the world of The Lord of the Rings. Robert Jordan knows just about everything about Randland and has extensive notes covering it. A few very minor things like climate, very minor history, and some astronomy is NOT going to cut it. We need to get VERY specific with everything. We need to get the specifics of ALL regions and all of the major-midsized cities (we don't need to worry about the villages and stuff unless we have one which is going to be major to the story like Edmonds Field). I think we NEED to work on everything for at least a few more months on worldbuilding. Having one thread will make it take longer, but it doesn't matter. I worry more about quality than the speed at which we can start. Egwene, we NEED a specific subforum if we want this to be good. I am not talking all of this so I get that, but it would really help the organization. I like the color coding system you implemented, but it still isn't good enough in my opinion. Can you just take a moment to think about it and not just shoot me down because we don't have a bunch of people and you don't like the idea? This would help bring in more people because most people don't like reading through lots of 10 page threads to get the information (the original 2 worldbuilding threads and this one). I probably wouldn't have if I was not planning on doing my own writing later and wanted to get some experience earlier. This will also keep it a lot more organized and help make everything good. I suppose it is fine to keep it the way now since we really aren't doing that much, but if we are going to do more extensive background (which I believe is needed) we definitely need to implement a subforum because it will be going a lot of different ways than from usually a single discussion. Okay, basically here are my reasons for both of these. WIll you please actually consider my proposition? For longer time world building: - We need to get more canonical things written down about the past and the present, how things are going to look. I hate the "we will leave it up to the writers" phrase. We are worldbuilding, we need to get all the specifics down before we can go into the actual writing. - We need to set a general plot or idea of where we are going. One writer could be destroying the world and another could be having the world in a pacifistic state. We need to have a general idea of where we are and where we want to go. - We want writers to be going the same direction generally. We want to have it so they have freedom to roam and create, but we need to have all the major things canonical and a good idea of where we are going so they can all be aimed for the same goal. - It messes with continuity. In WoT I knew that Shienarians had topknots and stuff very earlier. If one person is writing about what one group of people is like the other people won't know what they are like. THis will create problems and will make the writing not as good as it would be normally. They would either not include it or include it and have something wrong with them. If this is just a minor detail it could be fixed, but if it plays a large role in their storyline then it could be difficult to change without totally rewriting. - Would give people more to write about and allow them to write better. If they know more about the world they can include that in their writing which they wouldn't have before. There are so many reasons why it would be better to wait to write. Trust me, I am just as ready as anyone to write as everyone else, but I want this to be as good as it can, not as quick as it can go. I think that it would definitely be the best if we get down everything major later. I will say more about this later in the post. Subforum- - We need a place to organize ideas and stuff. If we do decide that we are going to do more extensive world building then we are going to start branching out into more things and we will have too much stuff for one topic. WE could have separate topics for history, each region, and how people view other races and stuff. - Could possibly draw more people because it would be more organized. Nobody wants to really read through 9 pages to get into something. A few topics a few pages each are a lot less scary. There are more reasons I can't think of at the moment. Is there really any reason why we shouldn't move the topics to its own forum? Is there? I think that after this we should start getting into more specifics. I think first we need to do a region-by-region database. We need to get what each region is like (personality wise, looks wise, etc.), the major cities of the region, major things in agriculture, the political structure, and how they view other groups/others view them. After we get that stuff down, which should take a while, we can move on to history and how things got the way things are now. We need to do all the major things which affected history and what really happened. When we get to the point of view of opposing regions they could have opposing views on a battle ages ago which made for a highly contested area today (PoV 1 - They invaded us and took our land! We need to get it back. PoV 2 - They stole our land, we reclaimed it rightly and we have the claim to it.). We need to get what REALLY happened though. This would be the equivalent to thinking about the Trolloc Wars, Hawkwing Wars, and the War of the Powers and seeing how they got them to where Randland is today (Seanchan gone, male channelers feared, etc.). We also then would have to set a general outline of what we want to happen and where we are going. After all of this there will still be some stuff we need to clarify to make it easy. THen we could leave it up to the writers. I don't know where I saw it, but we need to be careful about how we do this too. I am not sure that we can use these forums when we actually do the writing. I saw something that if you posted something more than like 2% of your work in a nonprotected forum then it becomes property of the forum or something. I also am not really sure about how long we should keep this open to the public. I trust all of you guys, but anyone can just come to the forums and look at all of our ideas and steal them. For this I think that once we get the world built we need to have a site which is password protected where we can put all of our writings. I am not sure about all the legality of everything, but I do know that I don't want all of our work to get stolen. For when we actually start writing I have a few ideas. I think we should have 2 types of editors. Canonical Editors who will be responsible for making sure nothing in the story conflicts with the canon. They will also be a group that will make things from a story canonical. I think you would need about 3 of them to check off on the story and everything before anything in it is considered canonical. Then you have your other editors who just edit the writing and stuff like a normal editor. We would also need to have some people who can put the stories in a good order which would look good and make sense to the reader. *phew* A lot of writing. I really am interested in making all of this work. I think that I could offer a lot to this project, but if you guys dont really consider my thoughts then I don't think I can stay on this project. I really don't see any credible reason that we shouldn't have a subforum or wait longer before the writing starts.
  7. Assuming they make it through TG, they (or some other AS) will probably study it eventually. The reason they didn't do it before was because they didn't want to get their attention at the beginning. Later, after they did use the Well they didn't want to get rid of their leverage to get Rand back.
  8. Yeah, I really didn't like how they never mentioned her in Amadicia. She went with Bayle on a ship and got intercepted by the Return (forgot if it was Suroth or Tuon's ship) and then gave the bracelets to them. They would then go to Ebou Dar with them with Bayle as her servant (cant remember the name).
  9. They didn't have designated restrooms in houses back then, they had chamber pots.
  10. Can trollocs/shadowspawn enter TAR? If they can then that would pose some major problems.
  11. One of the best scenes which hasn't been named yet was the scene when Mat finds out that Egwene was Amyrlyn and he thinks she is just joking. "When the poor blind fool they've chosen out for their Amyrlin gets here, I will do the talking. She can't be very bright, or they'd never have been able to shove her into the job."
  12. I don't think that they can sense the total potential of someone, but we know that the women progress in a linear slope rather than the men who just progress randomly in strength gains. This lets them estimate their eventual strength if they keep working
  13. Faile is 3rd in line to the throne of Saldaea. It goes Tenobia, Bashere, Faile. I just really see her getting it because I thought MIn or something had a viewing with her and the Broken Throne/Crown (forgot which) which is ruling Saldaea.
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