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  1. I do not agree with the thesis, that there are no greather fight scenes of female characters after Nynaeve has fight against Ravhin. Big and epic scenes involve Egwene in the White Tower against the Seanchan (I really enjoyed that), the fight against Mesaana (very exciting!). And Egwene has a big part in the Last Battle as well.
  2. My favorite major characters: Egwene, Verin. My favorite minor characters: Agelmar, Balwer, Elyas;
  3. It is 3 years ago, I was in this Community before. I was interested in the fade of important minor characters after the Last Battle. Are there informations about the characters listet above by Hunter yet?
  4. For me, saddest moments are within Agelmar - Lan - Plot. It is in the first book, Agelmar told us the tragedy of the uncrowned king und his lost nation. That's where we learn much of what it means being a borderlander. Fight against shadow for total life. The Wheel of Time then turns and turns and many many books later, Agelmar ist the general under al'Lan. Their army ist the total manpower of all borderlanders. It is Tarmon'Gaidon. The damn saddest moment? Agelmar notices, what he did. Forced by Lan he has a clear moment of realization. I think, only Lews Therin has had a more powerful m
  5. I have a simple question: What is the fate of Coiren Sedai and other Dat'sang Aes Sedai caught by Aiel in Cairhien? Where they allowed to fight (and die) in Last Battle or had they still to do useless tasks? I think it is not mentioned in the books, but maybe there are other sources about this.
  6. Hello everybody! It is my first post here; I just finished "A Memory of Light". I am really worried about whether some minor chars survived or not. @hunter: While I am mostly interested in cultures and personalities of Aes Sedai, I would like to know, if some of the following better known Aes Sedai survived... - of the Green Ajah besides Cadsuane and Rubinde (Seonid Traighan, Myrelle Berengasi, Joline Maza, Adelorna Bastine, Bera Harkin) - of the Red Ajah besides Pevara (Silviana Brehon, Teslyn Baradon, Tsutama Rath, Barasine) - of the Blue Ajah besides Lyrelle and
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