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  1. The portrayal of the females when they interact with the male protagonists (the gender thing) and the "funny" rape of Mat.
  2. To me all we see is Lan acting like his companion for the last 20 years just died. He kind of went back to the way he was pre Moiraine post killing his friend, all I have to die alone fighting the blight.
  3. Well so my (and probably others) theory about Moiraine releasing Lan from his bound, evidenced by "she forced him out of her mind" at the end of choices in FoH, are looking more plausible after ToM :) Ooh and Lan sulking the last couple of books is just him being himself and/or loyal. That said there are a lot of strange things regarding her time with the Finns. How did they hold her, Rand used the OP effectively against them. Why wish for Lanfear's angreal. The Finns reducing her ability, does that mean that they can increase it as well (Lanfear being to perfect). Got an broken hand so that's it for now, Rand is bloody lucky that he doesn't need to work with computers.
  4. Could we get a Moiraine thread? I (we) want to gloat Cheers
  5. You're right we do not know all the paragraphs of tower law and there might very well be a loophole. And since the Aes Sedai seems to think of them both as legal, they are probably right. But,as I said, from what WE know* none of them are legal. *"The greater consensus requires that every sister who is present must stand, and that a minimum of eleven Sitters be present; The presence of at least one Sitter from each Ajah is also required"
  6. First the accepted test can't be her source for knowing her future husband (if she even knows). The test do not show the future and even if it did the Aes Sedai don't use it as a foretelling tool. Secondly even though most(?) thinks her statement refers to Thom, I would like to think that she merely pointed out that they share an ignorance.
  7. Egwene the barely legal :P But yeah from what we know of tower law you need sitters from every Ajah to rise a Amyrlin. Which both of them lacked.
  8. But you aren't suppose to be able to draw to much of the power when using a Angreal, right? Unless LTT and Eldrene both used faulty ones like Callendor though...
  9. But not micheal (Michael) :P seriously though they both make a really good job.
  10. Legally? No. That said you can find almost everything at your favorite bay.
  11. I'm not sure if the first part is directed at me or just a general statement. But just to clarify, Weiramon and Lelaine comes to mind as people a bit iffy. I don't think any of them was forcefully turned, especially not Weiramon :)
  12. Would Siuan still be legally Amyrlin in that case? No she got deposed legally. So if we interpret what we know of the law the tower lacks a legal Amyrlin.
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