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  1. I just had a quick look on the encyclopedia (sp) and i cant find any reference to the colour of the true power. I always thought that only the forsaken could see the weaves of it anyway. rand could see moiranes balefire too, so i'd assume that its just the colour of balefire. Rand couldnt sense it cos it was the true power, no other reason i could think of. maybe you thought of black because of the saa? ref:http://www.wotmania.com/truepower.asp
  2. Judi Dench is the only person i can imagine being Cadsuane...she just is lol :)
  3. i compleatly agree with egwene, you never used to see kids reading when i went to school, now i get on a bus after a new harry potter has come out, and there are kids reading on the way to school. Once they catch the reading bug, we can steer them in the direction of decent books (WOT etc) To stay on topic, i would reccomend any terry pratchet, the only author i can't read in public because i get sent into giggles. Still it means i normally get a seat to myself on the train!
  4. Wow so friendly (big cheesy grins for everyone!)
  5. I voted Moiraine... Strange considering i actually really disliked her at first, as we started getting more POV's from her i liked her more. maybe because it made her seem more human, and less made of ice? Of course it was a toss-up between her and Cadsuane!
  6. Hi! First time poster, long time lurker! be gentle with me lol :twisted:
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