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  1. There is a lot of history/backstory and characters. Not to mention predictions via images( like Min at Barelon) or prophecies. I read from the beginning and reread the series each time a new book came out, keeping in mind that sometimes I was waiting years of the next book. That is not necessary with the Dragonmount site. You can quick scan and review any of the books. I found much satisfaction in puzzling out the predictions.
  2. Prologue TOM Padan Fain POV - Fain walks through the Blight carrying the ruby dagger. The sky is black. The only emotion he has left is hatred for Rand and the Dark One. He keeps cutting himself with the blade but he does not care. He was once Fain, once Mordeth, but he needs a new name now. He just finished killing a Worm. They make a lot of noise, so he hopes any Trollocs nearby will send scouts to investigate. Sure enough, a group of Trollocs led by a Myrddraal appear. A mist comes out of the ground. It kills the Fade and turns the Trollocs into zombies of some sort.4 Fain no longer hunts Rand. He plans to meet him at Shayol Ghul. The stage was set... Shaidar Haran was not a normal WOT creature. He was the avatar for the Dark One, with powers which could have been revealed as the showdown commenced. Meanwhile Mordeth/Fain/Shisam fog was not near as vast or powerful as Mashadar. I believe the Dark One's avatar would have inherent protection against Mordeth/Fain/Shisam fog and the dagger as well as the ability to attack on different levels. Remember the Fain part of the creature was the Dark One's hound so that could be the Achilles heel so to speak. Lastly, we do not know if Shaidar Haran would have been able to use the True Power, it is a gift of the Dark One. There were many things that could have been. I was speculating in the kingdom of "what if" and wondered if anyone else had something they would have liked to see. I have read the entire series multiple times and nothing needs to be added that will change my opinion that it is a literary masterpiece.The ending of the story and individual story lines left enough room to leave fans talking about what might have happened if....
  3. Ishy grew more and more desperate as his attempts to turn Rand failed. In book one Rand had burned Ishy with the one power and in book two Rand stabbed him in the chest with a power wrought weapon. I do not think Ishy was trying to kill Rand in either case. A staff to the side is not a killing blow. By the end book three, Ishy tried to kill Rand, but Rand triumphed again and finally killed the Betrayer of Hope. Or possibly the continual use of the True Power took it's toll. Remember the use of the True Power has negative effects... Which is why even many of the forsaken were not willing to use it to any great degree. Either way, Moridin had a new lease on life and was granted greater control of the Forsaken by the Dark One. Two mind traps, Shaidar Haran to handle the loose ends and Rand on a downward spiral all combined to give Moridin a sense of security that Ishy never had.
  4. In my opinion, a confrontation between Shaidar Haran and Fain/Mordeth would have been fantastic. Then the buildup of the evil vs "anti-evil" showdown would have happened as alluded to in the series. Shaidar Haran( Avatar of the Dark One) fighting Fain/Mordeth(a force of its own). Would they destroy each other in a similar fashion as Shadar Logoth destroyed the Dark One's taint at the cleansing? Would one destroy the other? This would be better than finding the husk of Shaidar Haran at Moridin's feet, how did that happen??? If they killed each other or one triumphed, their storylines now feel like they have greater value. If Fain/Mordeth wins, then it could be killed by Mat without changing a thing. If Shaidar Haren won, we could have seen Cadsuane step up and show us why she is a legend. Maybe Cadsuane could have used an object from her paralis-net that we had not seen yet. One on one duels add relevance to character story-lines and give closure to the readers. Please post any other potential duels that could have been included in the final book that would have added only a couple of extra pages to the book, yet increased the depth and richness of a wonderfully crafted story that spanned decades in the making .
  5. I believe no one can deny that Dumai's Wells was an epic scene. Definitely ranks as one of the most "game changing" scenes in series! I voted that the humbling of the Aes Sedai was the most important thing. Saying that, one of my favorite scenes was at the end of book 2, when all the characters are battling in Falme. More specifically when Ingtar revealed himself and Rand gave forgiveness. A foreshadowing of the Dragon Reborn saving the world by letting go, even if people have to die.
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