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  1. Good Evening, I'm a long time lurker and have re-read the series twice since my beginning as a WoT reader. Although I only began to read whilst Brandon Sanderson was finishing up with ToM. I have read so much of the manner in which RJ left his notes and concepts for Brandon Sanderson but have heard so little about the actual reaction of his death. If you were a reader then, what was the response like? Was it known that RJ was in his last day's? I'm sorry but I have seen no R.I.P or anything anywhere and I am just intrigued into the nature of the stakeholder's of WoT response to this mans unt
  2. G'day fellow WoT Community, Could someone perhaps explain the symbol of the Wheel of Time? I'm reading The Gathering Storm and I just realised that I'm actually not aware of what it is... It looks like the Aes Sedai ring entwined perhaps with a seven spoked Wheel of Time? I'm only speculating but it would be comforting to be told exactly what it is and what it represents. Thankyou, RLH
  3. Good Evening fellow Ladies and Gentleman of the WoT Series. I have always kept my distance to the Forums of this website, as I have found out on numerous occasions people have died and things have happened that I have not read of. TO be succinct, I am currently reading A Knife of Dreams and I am extremely frustrated at the endless possibilities that could have been put into action to prevent or save a certain someones left body part. Balefire or at least a mention of a Ter'angreal would keep me happy, but I just want to know. Will the DR get this left body part back in future books?
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