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  1. If i remember correctly Min has viewings of Brigetta later, that shows her tied to a older man, and a man much younger, so i assume she will still be bound as a hero. I dont remember what book this was in, just going off memory.
  2. I have all the WoT series audiobooks (except new spring) and i love them. I listen to them as i drive to work and at work pretty much every day all day. I gone through them about 4 - 5 times now. I didnt like the way the Eye of the World was, but Kate and Michael got alot better in the later books. Just annoying every once in a while when they say a wrong word or mispronounce names they got right 5 minutes earlier, but it doesnt happen very much. Plus the new app for android you can play them back at variable speeds (audible app).
  3. http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/A0YBR8DRTAAU/ref=sr_1_1_acs_wl_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317949186&sr=8-1-acs I felt like being helpful today.
  4. Do you have the link to this quote? i would be interested to read it.
  5. I got the impression reading it that the rules of the ter'angreal, not the White Tower. It seems she broke a rule built into the ter'angreal, which shouldn't have been able to happen. This, along with her later test, make me think some big things regarding this will happen with rand in the last book, but i wanted to know if this had an explanation or not.
  6. So i was listening to my audiobooks (for about the 4th time) a now have a question about Nynaeve. I apologize if this was in another thread but i did not see it. While she was taking the test for accepted, she was able to break some of the rules of the ter'angreal. I know when she is raised as a Sister, she breaks rules and it is blamed on her familiarity with Tel'aran'rhiod. However she does not have that experiance at this point. What allowed her to channel while taking the test? Sheriam ( i think it was) said it was designed so that couldn't happen. Anyone know whats going on there? or point me to another thread that has info on this? Thank you, gympok
  7. "Darling," replied Valentine, "has not the count just told us that all human wisdom is summed up in two words? - `Wait and hope.'" - The Count of Monte Cristo
  8. I would love to see WoT done in this fashion. However, a good team would need to do it. I just recently started watching anime and though i used to think it dumb, there are some great ones out there. I now have several animes that i like more than movies, because of the amount of storyline you can put into them. But for ever good anime i find i do find 5 that suck.
  9. ^this all the time You know you've spent too much time reading WoT when you plan to name your first born Elyas or Alanna. The wife likes the names, however, i need to wait for AMoL before i settle for sure on Alanna....
  10. Mat gets Setalle Anan and the ashaman who can heal being severed and gets her all fixed up. I always wanted to see this after he learned who she was. edit: oh and for hopper... i want him to "consume the English shadowspawn with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse."
  11. Brandon planned this for TOM, but decided to move the scene to AMOL. ah ok thanks, i didnt think my reading comprehension was that bad lol
  12. ok, im confused. who was the gay char in ToM? or do you mean there will be one in aMoL? i missed it if it was in ToM.
  13. Thanks all, that cleared that up.
  14. Mins has always been one of my favorite characters. I dont understad why people dislike her, but oh well. This thread was too long for me to bother to read so ill just post :D
  15. I was listening to The Gathering Storm, and when rand meets up with Tam, tam says morgese is with Perrin. But i thought Perrin didn't discover morgese was maragin until later in TOM? (sorry for the horrible spelling). What am i missing? is the part with Perrin in TOM a flashback? Thanks, gympok
  16. Well, I thought, from rather early on that every single one of the AES Sedai would suffer repercussions if they realized that they are guilty of all three of the oaths. Right away, I thought that the creation of the warder cloak, and the bonding process was an in fact creation of weapons for one man to use against another. Deliberate manipulation of the words is the same as lying, if not, how about you try that in a court-room? And the one that is most blatant "Never to use the One Power as a weapon except against Darkfriends or Shadowspawn, or in the last extreme defense of her life, the life of her Warder or another Aes Sedai " When they do it all the time, are they ignorant of the fact that a cudgel is a weapon? that a quarterstaff is a weapon, that throwing a hard object is a use of a weapon? But they strike out at anyone who is under their RULE! with the whisps of air. Get heat across the shoulders with a lash or a cudgel, tell me if you didn't get hit with a weapon. I hope the blatant hypocrisy has a negative effect against all AS in the final book. Also, the exclusion of protection AS or their weapons is so flogging self righteous. Using a quarterstaff or a cudgel isnt breaking that oath. the way i read these oaths any aes sedai could kill anyone they wanted in any way except using the power. She could just pull out a dagger and stab you. There is no oath to prevent that. Also, i think there is a distinction between using something for discipline vs. assult. Giving someone a single lash with the power is ok, where it is for discipline, but where not in excess. This happens to egwene when she is captured. Elida(sp?) starts beating her and the sitters say that it is not to be done. (or maybe it was one of the red sisters in a scene before that, i forget, im sick right now).
  17. In Crossroads of twilight, chapter 20 Egwene has a dream where "Egwene walks a ledge on a cliff. The ledge collapses leaving her hanging by her fingertips. A Seanchan woman climbs down the cliff and offers to help." (taken from wot encyclopaedia). I dont remember this happening. Has it and i just dont remember? Or does anyone have any idea what this is referring to? Thanks
  18. 1. Mat - nuff said. 2. Rand - Though i did get annoyed with him in a couple of the later books he redeemed himself in the last 2-3. 3. Intar - I always liked his char and his ending. 4. Egwene - She was annoying in all books except 1, 2, 11, 12, 13. She is one of my favorite in these books. 5. Nynaeve 6. Min - Always liked the counterpart she played when with rand. 7. Loial - Just a great char. 8. Tylee Khirgan - Interesting char and she brings the reality of trollocs to the seanchan. 9. Verin - shes higher on my list than this just thought of her at the end though. 10. Moraine - Also should be higher on the list. I didnt realize i enjoyed her char until my second read thru. i also like tuon, logain, and some other minor chars alot. I never liked aram, always seemed very annoying to me. Also did not like Gawyn
  19. They talk about Lodestones in several places in the books and how the attract iron filings, which I'm assume are magnets. I think it would have been discovered if they affected channeling before. I'm wondering though if the entire world becomes a steading in a future age to prevent channeling, and a future breaking changes it so channeling can happen again. I have a strange feeling the breaking rand causes may result in the inability of the use of the power for male and female channelers.
  20. Its on the Fires of Heaven audio book. http://www.amazon.com/Fires-Heaven-Wheel-Time-Book/dp/1593976062/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1291939420&sr=1-5 Why is his name even mentioned here? I assume its just a typo?
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