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  1. I had a similar question, but about the 3 Oaths and linking. If an Asha'man, Wise One, or Windfinder was leading a circle that included an Aes Sedai, and that person wanted to use their shared circle Power as a weapon, what would happen with the Aes Sedai?
  2. I was just annoyed that he got to pick his own name, when Lanfear was the only one of the original 13 that got to pick hers.
  3. They have makeup, but they call it paints and powders. Leane uses them fairly extensively.
  4. I thought it was a matter of willpower. Myrelle mentioned needing to only use a bit of Spirit when trying to Compel Lan to come meet Nisao, because if she had been too heavy-handed (as I'm sure Alanna was. She's not exactly subtle...), Lan would've known and ...done...something...
  5. I guess I was using "attached" and "followed" to mean almost the same thing, but they are quite different, you're right.
  6. Probably stereotypes. I went to music school, being surrounded by gay dudes 24/7. Seeing a musician in the series just made me instinctively think that. Also, there was a "big deal" made about him severing his mother in the BWB, the only parent-related anything having to do with a Forsaken, and (another stereotype, and a false one at that) gay guys tend to love their mothers. So the fact that that was specifically mentioned stood out to me. Also, he seemed to have attached himself to Lanfear and Graendal, both of whom I have no doubt would have legions of loyal gays if they were celebrities in the modern day.
  7. Was I the only one who thought Asmodean was gay? I somehow missed that he was occasionally sleeping with Isendre in my first read-through, but I still think he plays for the other team...
  8. In ToM, I had just kind of assumed that Aviendha was hallucinating from dehydration. After mulling over how soft the Aiel had become in their months in the wetlands, I just assumed that Aviendha herself had softened up, and was no longer able to tolerate the heat/lack of water as well as she was used to.
  9. I had always had an unsubstantiated belief that things like linking and *angreals could "force" beginning channelers, too. And I'm including the damane as linking, because I never felt like Egwene was made to channel more than she would've anyways in her time as damane. I think that's also why Asmodean mentioned linking with a woman to help teach Rand. It would've helped him gain his strength faster, and (I'm assuming) that being linked with Asmodean would help him learn the weaves faster, because part of his own Power was being used to make it. Maybe? I could also be grasping at straws.
  10. We know that saidar users can sense each other's ultimate potential, which was why there was such a fuss over Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve. And there are several times in the first few books where it's mentioned that none of them have reached their full potential yet. As A Memory of Light states SO frequently, the entire series takes place over two years. However, Siuan and Moiraine were not at their full potential after being raised Aes Sedai in New Spring, after spending around 6 years in the Tower. So my question is: By A Memory of Light, have any of them reached their full strength? None of them compare their strength to each other, except for once early in the series when Elayne thinks that Egwene is only stronger than her because Egwene had been forced, but none of them ever make a comment like "Oh, THIS is what being at full strength feels like!"
  11. I agree completely. I think Siuan even told Egwene that she and Elayne weren't ACTUALLY ready to be Accepted yet in TDR, but she A) needed them to have that autonomy and B) Egwene was too strong to remain a novice, what with her having been forced during her time as a damane.
  12. That makes a whole lot of sense, and I feel a little dumb for not realizing that on my own. Thanks!
  13. We all know that Aes Sedai are recognizable by their "ageless" look, and that various characters throughout the entire series mention that it takes 3-5 years for the Ageless look to kick in. We also saw that when Siuan and Leane were stilled, the Ageless effect was lost fairly quickly. Same for the women that Rand accidentally stilled at Dumai's Well. So, I would assume that being released from the Oath Rod means that you immediately lose the Ageless effect. But later in the series, we see the BA Hunters unswear the Oaths to no loss of the Ageless effect, and then we see the entire White Tower unswear the Oaths, and no mention is made of any loss of the Ageless effect. Is this just an oversight on RJ's part? Does the loss of the Ageless effect have something to do with the loss of channelling?
  14. I see. I was unaware that Brandon had cleared that mystery up. Thanks!
  15. Then why isn't she as reduced as Moiraine is? And channelling is tied to the soul, not the body. Aginor and Balthamel were at the same level when they were resurrected. Shouldn't Cyndane be at the same level as Lanfear?
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